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One key special attacks with controller

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:03 pm
by shoprat
I've had a love/hate relationship with BoD the last few weeks. The hate part is the keyboard mapping. I guess I'm too much a keyboard klutz to really enjoy the game. I've shut the game down at least three times cursing 'I'll never play that *%#&@! game again!!' A few days later it's back at the binding menu wondering how to get the keys arranged so I can actually kill something without taking major damage. The solution was to toss the keyboard for fighting actions.

Now I'm playing with a controller and mouse and things are really looking up. I use the mouse for movement, lock on, inventory/weapon selection and attack. I've got the controller set up with 4 special attacks, jump, roll away, and use item. So far I'm only using the left half of the controller, there's room for 7 more 'actions' if/when the need arises. I use the controller with my left hand held comfortably in my lap for fighting and the mouse to run around and keep Zoe pointed in the right direction. The game is a LOT less stressful without all the keyboard wrestling.

I've gone back and redone the earlier levels and I've actually had great FUN playing the game. I've always had to hide in one of the rooms in the cemetery to fight the wave of skeletons in the first level. It gets the job done but it was rather unsatisfying. With the new setup I was out there running between tombstones and kicking some major butt with little damage taken. In the later two levels it's no problem to take off limbs and heads with the spear and Whirlwind.

If you've been frustrated with the keyboard during the heat of battle, attach a controller to your system. Use the mapping software to add the key presses you have in the game binding menu to the buttons/axis. Then use the key recording to make 'commands' like (Whirlwind - attack, left+right) that you can map to the controller. I'm using an old Logitech Precision controller that's been laying around for a while. I downloaded the software from the site and it was pretty simple to set up the configuration that was 'just right' for me. The bottom line is that I'm actually enjoying the game after switching to a mouse - controller - keyboard setup. The biggest frustration now is how to get past the trap after finding the rune.

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:48 pm
by cieply
I use standard keyboard + mouse and there is no problem. Using left hand to operate the keyboard (froward and rest of movements during fight) and right to operate mouse (movement/turning and attack/jump during fight).
The thing is the control of this game is different than the others, and some say it's radically different. But it's really matter of getting used to - just different game rather than another version of ... (fill with whatever title/genre you like).

I'm glad you have managed to tame that with controller. You could share that technical knowledge bit more in depth. Like what soft you use and what specific problems you encountered.

Re: One key special attacks with controller

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 8:15 pm
by shoprat
The software came from the Logitech site : ... /downloads . There's 32 bit for older systems and 64 bit versions available. The controller has four buttons on the right top face with two buttons on the front, the left top has X and Y axes and two bottons on the front. Pretty standard fare.

The software opens with a picture of the controller and a column on the right where you can name Commands but not a single key press. On the bottom left there's two selections for the X and Y axes. To assign the buttons you click on either the button or the column on the right and a selection window opens. There you can select : Keystroke, Command, Cycling Command, Edit Command, Assign Shift Button, or Default (remove).

To assign a simple action , jump for instance, click on the keystroke selection. In the next window there's a record button you click. Enter the keystroke (/ the default key) and click OK. The window closes and the column shows Keystroke / for the button.

When first setting up the axes, select Axis Properties. I had to set the sensitivity to almost zero, the dead zone to 99%, and the Range to 99% to get good results. Your system may differ. To get the axes to work for attacks requires making 'Commands". The steps are rather 'clunky' but aren't hard to get used to. Click on the axis, select assignment (X or Y) , new assignment. Give it a name if desired.

Two selection boxes let you choose left or right assignments for the X axis, or up and down for the Y. Clicking on the box brings up a list of previously entered keystrokes if you want to reuse or reassign buttons. Click Edit for a choice of keystroke or command. Command brings up the same window as the keystroke one but you can enter multiple keys in the window. It tracks the press and release time of the keys and the time between presses. After entering a command if the timing isn't to your liking it has to be entered again. Unfortunately it isn't possible to edit any part of the command window. You either get it right or try again.

Commands can be assigned to any key on the controller, not just the axes. And the axes can be a single key press, your choice. I fooled around in here for a while making 'silly' commands like Escape - Roll back, turn around, backstab and run for 2 seconds. Some worked some didn't, you'll have to play around a bit and see what happens. For simple two and three key presses it works fine. It was easy to get the simple attacks into the command window and assigned where I wanted them.

I understand your point about playing the game the way the developers planned it. I was thinking about starting a thread asking about the favorite keyboard layout some experienced players are using. Then I stumbled across the old controller in my 'stuff' box and tried it to see if it would work. Since it worked fine I decided to use it. When I get to the point where I'm using a new character or the special attacks are more varied, I may have to rethink my set up.

Re: One key special attacks with controller

Posted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:04 pm
Greetings. :)

Well, I will comment how I use the controls to play with total efficiency.

Older PC games are usually designed to use a keyboard, or keyboard and mouse; but it depends on the type of game, because for example a shooting game needs the mouse, but a 2D fighting game does not need the mouse. Most arcade games use console control, like a joypad, or just the keyboard.

Blade of Darkness can be played with the keyboard only and is the most effective and simple. You only need to configure the keys well, close to the position of your hands, according to your dexterity with your fingers. This seems obvious, but it has its logic. In fact, there are some habits of keyboard use, to play games, or to write texts. For example, put your hands in position and redefine the keys, according to the type of action you are going to do more often.

My habit, I took it since I used the old keyboard of the Spectrum 128K computer. I use both hands to control everything, dividing the keyboard into zones of use. I do not need the mouse, but I use it to look around and aim with the bow.

My keys are:

Index and media fingers:
Q = Forward.
A = Backward.
I = Turn left.
O = Turn right.
Big fingers:
Z = Selec enemy.
X = Look around.
C = Sneak.
From H, J, K, L; to B, N, M, ESPACE = acctions for combat and to interact with the world.

Sorry, I can not explain well. But you could try to redefine the keys until they are good for your habits.

Re: One key special attacks with controller

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:06 pm
by shoprat
Thanks for your layout. I've tried a similar setup but I can't get fluid movement with the keys. I don't know if I'll ever become a 'piano' player.