Low FPS on Game and in combat

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Low FPS on Game and in combat

Post by Diequal »

hi to all
Ive being playing for a long time as i love this game, recently i instaled it with the opengl patch to play in my laptop, but i have low fps and when a combat starts lost even more fps, makes in it unplayable, as the combos wont even work because the fps lost is very big
I configured the resolution to the same hz of my laptop screen but this dindn work, i changed the bpp colour depth, but nothing changes. i play this game since im 10 and this never hapend, i think that the problems is that is to old to this computer, maybe the drivers or something like that. Any ideas?

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Re: Low FPS on Game and in combat

Post by Tomash »

First, turn off dinamic shadows. [menu][options][vidoe][character shadows][no]

If it won't help then use new Python1.5 for BOD
copy python15.dll to "Game's directory/Bin" replacing original one

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opengl might be a reason

Post by cieply »

I don't know your specs but can you try and compare with d3d renderer? maybe it's OpenGL drivers' problem.
You should also check this topic: BoD Optimization Config (for win7,8,10) and then come back if nothing works.
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Re: Low FPS on Game and in combat

Post by nima207 »

I had exactly your problem before and i couldn't believe that something unexpectable would help.
If you put the Audio on DirectSound3D 7 + Software - Pan and Volume it will bring your fps to highest number possible.
I don't know other way than the ways the Big guys told you here, but that's an option that helped me.
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