Valley Warp Glitch

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Valley Warp Glitch

Postby Outlaw Wyvern » Fri Jul 02, 2004 5:38 am

Recently I got what has to be my coolest glitch-score yet. I was trying to walk around on the upper structure of the castle gate into the Valley of the Fallen... this was early in the game... then I noticed that Arokh bounced off of the mountain peaks behind the gate. I saw a place to land and was going to figure out if Rynn can run further into areas where Arokh experiences boundary problems. She can. When I took off up at the peak, I noticed Arokh's wings flapping into the mountainside. I've glitched thru walls onto the outside of sets before with nothing but sky behind you and walls and such in front. I tried courting that phenomenon to see if I'd pop thru, and I kept bouncin' off, poppin' thru, bouncin out, and popping back in. One of the times I popped in... Arokh oriented to the sky and had 'full flap' capacity... so I flew and immediately a save screen appeared. I realized where I was when it happened and crossed my fingers that things didn't screw up. There's the cut-scene with Zola and Gothraul... I made it!! What a cool accident! I had just come back from the Andrellian Isles and opened the gate to Surdana (where I got and completed the Kragmor mission) when I was futzing about and got this. That means... before I ever undertook any quests for Zegorro's items, I had the Armor of the Order, all the Mythril weapons (and the points to use them, the Tempest, etc. The biggest suprise was the Dark dragon power that you get for killing Shaza and Tora. By the time you get it in the normal unfoldment of the game, you can't use it on anyone but a few Gryphons and some Dark Union dragons... but I'm amazed at the devastation wrought on the more common dragons. They immediately explode and form a tight little vortex of fading dragon parts when hit close-up with one of the large Dark bursts. The regular health delivering tracers did wonderfully in dogfights. I see why it's the last power available... it's way better than I thought. Some finer points about making it thru... the ledge I landed on is the highest accessible ledge DIRECTLY behind the entrance, but you have to coax Arokh to land there... keep trying... once you're on the ledge, walk Big A forward and take off. If things go well, for some reason STRAFE will be reversed, so holding L2 (strafe) move the joystick as if you were trying to push Arokh away from the mountain face, but instead... he'll be drawn thru to the outside of the map. You may have to keep strafing him thru, till he's freely flying on the other side... when that happens, descend and walk him forward, and you should get the cutscene. This can be done as soon as you get Arokh after completing the Shadowmire!! If further clarification is needed, ask.
Lastly, do you suppose it's a purposeful pun that all the skeletons use 'Hollowman' axes?

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Postby Slaystress323 » Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:47 pm

thats awesome! :) i just got out of the doing the kragmor quest again so im gonna go try it

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