Drakan: TAG now works on an euro PS3

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Drakan: TAG now works on an euro PS3

Post by Arokhs Twin »

Up until now the only PS3 consoles that were capable of playing Drakan were the original Jap and USA consoles as they had the full PS2 hardware inside them. This enabled a large number of PS2 games to be playable on the PS3 but however the euro versions had this chipset removed instead using software emulation of the PS2 CPU.

This lead to many games not working, Drakan included but now with the latest system software (V2.10) Drakan now works on a euro PS3 albiet it sometimes crashes when entering the game menu. Better than not working at all...

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Post by Outlaw Wyvern »

I'm happy for you and all Euro-gamers who wanted to bring their PS2 games into the next gen.

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Post by buckmana »

Great news!

However, it doesn't really affect me.

After trying several PS2 games, Drakan is the only one I managed to win.

Given that already I have a PS2, I'm not likely to want to upgrade for some time . Those things (PS3) cost $999 in Australia.

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