crystal stands for fireblade

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deamon dragon
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crystal stands for fireblade

Post by deamon dragon »

dear mod's i need help on finding the location of the crystal stands for the fire blade in the desert of tears.
please help

-deamon dragon

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Post by buckmana »

I'm not sure what sword you're looking for.

I don't remember which one was in the desert.

But I can tell you where they are.

Near where Rynn rescues the boy, there is a pile of crates. Climb them and jump to the ledge near the top of the pile. The first plinth is on that ledge.

Another one is close to the farm, inside a damaged house.

The final one is near Gothraul's throne, just to the right before you reach the stairs (it's very close to the door you exit as you come into the open).

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Hi daemon dragon. Pleasure to meet you!

The damaged house buckmana mentioned is just after the waterfall but before the farm, (on the right side) just as you're coming out of the mountainous area (with all the red Batwing dragons) you arrive at from Surdana.
If you have difficulty finding any, post here and I'll try my best to be ridiculously specific!

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