Widescreen hack and some other fixes aka AiO Patch

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Re: Widescreen hack and some other fixes aka AiO Patch

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I'd like to add some touch-ups some day, like change the patch DLL so it's no longer implemented as dinput.dll proxy (or proxy for any existing DLL used by the game) and nothing is done from DllMain (it's just not proper, but convenient until you know better), add the ability to use dedicated saved games folder on modern Windows versions, add ASI plugin loading support and maybe something else that slipped off my mind.

Unfortunately, I got a job back in 2019 and after daily staring at the screen for 8+ hours a day and dealing with customers' crap, there's hardly any energy left. That much staring at the screen is bad enough on its own.
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Re: Widescreen hack and some other fixes aka AiO Patch

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Welcome back. Totally understand the job situation and staring at a screen all day putting up with customers shit; I've had plenty of that in my past jobs :)
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