Favourite drakan place

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Favourite drakan place

Post by Faerith »

Thought this would be a fun way to start some talk :P

What is your favourite place in drakan, and why?

Mine would probably have to be Alwarren, It has ruins, caves, waterfalls, and even a little sand :D

Seems like a nice place to say in my oppinion. And i quite liked the music that went with it aswell

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Post by Eris »

Oh, my favorite is the place behind mountains in Ruined Village with that village toilet and the tiny cute grull there. I was laughing for veeery long when I first found that place. I think I most of all like the hidden areas of Drakan.
Also I like Rift Cristal level very much with all it's challenges and also the level from where you get the amulet for the same reason. And from the levels where you mostly play with Arokh my fav would probably be Volcano, it's very beautiful and interesting. And also I like Islands because it's the level where you can fully enjoy hovering and flying.

From D:TAG I liked most of all Flesh Mage's palace, a gory place hehe, it even reminded me a little of the previous from last level of SH4. I also liked the Knight's Tomb, that place completely without light. And, of course, Surdana and that little area with the tree of mourning, they were very beautiful

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Post by Outlaw Wyvern »

Islands, daylight in OOTF.
Surdana and Stratos in D:TAG.

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Post by Mistress_of_the_Dragon »

I like that "toiletplace" in Ruined Village too, I laughed so much when I first found it. [:D] But I also love Islands. It's so warm (well, I can't really know that, but I can imagine) and beautiful place, and I love the sea too. I like tropic places very much. And I always laugh at those orcs in there. I think they were goblins, but I'm not sure. They were green and made funny noises. But I like Wartok Canyons too, because that's the first level I could fly with Arokh. [;)]

I always freeze in here Finland, I think I should have born somewhere else. That's why I don't like Grotto, there's snow, and I hate it. It's so cold and wet and hard and I always get it somehow into my shoes.

Sorry, that doesn't interest anyone, and doesn't belong here anyway! [:D]

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Post by AXE »

Volcano level, where you just enter on Arokh and have a go at 4 or 5 dragons, which on the very hard play was an excellent challange.

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Post by Shelim »

For a long time I only had Drakan Demo, so most... nostalgic level for me is Wartoks Canyons. I practiced even jumping to river from high cliff when I was bored on fighting with monsters :-)

When I finally bought my Drakan copy I find out that Islands at the day are far more beautiful and larger environment for flying ^^

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Post by buckmana »

I'd go with the Islands too, nice scenery and lots of room to fly around.

Now, all I need is a Succubi shooting gallery and it'd be perfect........

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