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Drakan on Linux

Posted: Sat May 26, 2018 11:41 pm
by UCyborg
Drakan has been runnable on Linux through WINE for quite a while now with some manual tweaking required by the user for correct, but slowish results. Not anymore! Recent development of the DXVK project now allow Drakan to run at much better speed when chained together with dgVoodoo2. This requires modern AMD or NVIDIA graphics card with support for Vulkan API with recent drivers, latest development version of WINE, both dgVoodoo2 and DXVK's DLLs placed in proper locations with correct DLL override settings.

These are my results, each first screenshot in the group reflects the performance without DXVK + dgVoodoo2 combo while the second shows the performance with both of them active. Quite significant performance improvements!

1 day after this post was written, I realized I've forgotten about using native d3dcompiler_47.dll. Added images with new results.

The only oddity in the graphics department; lens flares are missing.

Also, we still need dsound.dll with EAX support.