Support one of the few remaining independent RPG devs

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Support one of the few remaining independent RPG devs

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I am a fan of Larian Studios Divinity series of games which if you have not heard of them are RPG's set in a fantasy world pretty similar to Drakan.
Starting off with Divine Divinity this is a isometric RPG which was vastly overlooked when it was released 10 years ago. It spawned a sequel Beyond Divinity which wasn't quite as good but still worth playing. Then a few years ago Larian released Divinity 2 which is the game where you actually get to play as a dragon in a large 3D world. They released an improved version renamed the Dragon Knight Saga which fixed a lot of issues with the original game and added a whole new area to explore.

Anyway, Larian have now released the Divinity Anthology which has all three games in one package with all bugs fixed and bonus content. There really is too much to mention but you can check it out at

For the next 7 days Good old Games are giving you the opportunity to pay what you like for these games - details at boxed versions also available for a very reasonable 30 Euro at the Larian Vault.

If you have played their games you will see why this developer makes good RPG's and sales from this will fund their next project which we all assume will be Divinity 3. They have already announced Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Dragon Commander but they are prequels. If you want to see Divinity 3 and want to support a decent developer that cares about it's fans & games rather than turning out average cash cow games then make your purchase!
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Re: Support one of the few remaining independent RPG devs

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Great news, I am purchasing it right now! :D
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