Can you write your own classes?

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Can you write your own classes?

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Can you write your own classes?

I want to enable Rynn to have more hand-to-hand skills. I would like to have the second (possibly third) mouse button as an offensive option. (i.e. stop having the block feature set to button 2) Can I write my own fighting key sets and just base them upon animations? Also... is it possible to exchange the original Drakan health and spell bars with a different interface? I would like to have a different system of visuals to present the gamer.

I know you can play around with the user interface settings somewhat but I dont think you can do quite what you want to do.

As for the fighting...if you just want her to do different attacks then sure provided you have other animations. All you'd be able to do though is replace this move with this move...You cant really change the way the combat system works.

If we decide to give ppl the ability to make thier own RFL's then all of that would be possible but given that currently there is just an editor its pretty unreasonable.

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