Camera problem

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Camera problem

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Sageous, camera problem read!

I'm working on a new level that uses only models,and a main layer (to put models on it).It's done,I've textured it all,imported it to level editor,and I've tested it.But there's a strange bug : When I've tested it I could move,but rynn was so highly zoomed I could only saw his shoulder and a part of his head in the corner of the screen (do i have to mention it's unplayable that way?) What I'd like to know is how do i have to set my level so I can play with rynn at the center of the screen?

Thanks, Quiksilver_5

i may be totally wrong, but that must mean that rynn is in a place that makes the camera assume she is next to something (like a wall) and the camera can't figure out where to look - try messing with your camera settings ...You may already have tried this, but the symptoms you are describing sound like you are having a problem with object bounding.

Try playing with the bounding tools in the Modeler. Select your model, open up the Bounding Hierarchy window, then choose the Selection\Show All menu option. At this point you should see either yellow spheres or yellow boxes surrounding your model. If the sphere is a lot larger than your actual object, then that's the source of your problems. Any time Rynn penetrates one of these spheres or boxes, her perspective will change, as either a zoom factor change, or in extreme cases, it may even invert her viewpoint, making her appear upside down.

Usually you will want your bounding objects to fit snugly against the actual mesh of the model you designed. The bounding objects attached to your models are probably what you need to modify in order to solve your problem. However, if this is the case, you will have to fix the bounding for each of your models. If you have a lot of models, then you've got your work cut out for you.

I hope this helps.

Yea it sounds like its bounding. Either you have it wrong or even more didnt bind the model at all.

I have 0 knowledge on the subject.

Next week i'll see if i cant convince one of the artists to start reading through this place to answer questions like this.

Thanks Sageous,and Aaron,you found the problem:Bounding.The effects are that riot engine thinks rynn is stuck besides the model,and when i swing my sword it makes a "wall hitted" sound.

However,I got no idea how to bound my model.Maybe I'll have to wait for the artist loft to be achieved.On the other hand,I ask anybody who is able to bound model his help.

Thanks for your help (to the 3 people that awnsered that message and the others that will,maybe.

Aaron to Quicksilver_5,
If you can wait for a day or so, I can post a walkthrough on bounding for you. I wrote one down on paper today, but it will take me a little while to get it typed in and edited.

In the mean time, try these things; 1) use bounding boxes instead of spheres for walls and structures (note that weapons and hand-held objects should be bounded differently than structures like walls), 2) when setting bounds, create a "Parent" bounding box first, which surrounds the entire model mesh, then create "Child" bounding boxes as subordinate to the Global bound. This Parent-Child relationship is important if you want to ensure both accurate viewport displays and correct physical interaction with the model.

I'm sorry I couldn't include more right now. I hope this helps.
Take care,

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