Can an armor-destruction trigger new armor

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Can an armor-destruction trigger new armor

Postby shoprat » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:00 pm

Can an armor-destruction trigger the generation of a new armor

After a long time, back online again with some questions ....
Can I make an armor-destruction trigger the object generation of a new armor ? The first armor has a certain durability. If it is hit as often as the durability points, the armor is desctucted. Can I use the destruction obj generator or some kind of trigger to generate a new armor object if the first armor is destructed ?

I am not sure what you want to achieve by this. You can make armor unbreakable by setting the durability to 0. This also counts for weapons..
If you could put something on the dextruction obj. gen. I am almost sure it would be client side, and that could get nasty....

If single player then yes.
If MP then it would be client side so you'd need to deal with that in some way.

Thanks, for your answers guys,
I try to create an armor, that creates a new, stronger armor eacht time it is destroyed. The Idea is that if armor 1 is destroyed it spawns a stronger armor 2 ( looking different ) and if armor 2 is destroyed too, it spawns an even stronger armor 3 ( looking different again ) and so on ...
I try to realize that in SP. Can I use the destruction obj generator setting ? How do I have to configure it ?

Its just a slot on the armor that is looking for a generator...make a gen and point it there. Inside the gen make it spawn something once blah blah....put in some armor...any more figure out.
You can of course put anything in a generator in single player any list of you can do special fx also.


Thanks Sageous,
I tried that already, but it did not work. I made an object generator, which spawned me an armor, but when I put that generator in as destruction obj gen it did not spawn the armor when the first armor was destructed. Perhaps my generator settings are wrong ? I used "when triggered", "all at once".

I don't know if it will work, but you should probably set "When triggered" to "Continuous". Further you want to set the lifetime to 1 second and release period to 1 second. (at least in a way that the object generator is destroyed before spawning a new object)

I think this should work, just try it out...

Use an obj gen that you know one from FX...just as a test to see if destruction gen parameter even is afterall...not used in the retail game.

Nothing works ....
Even if I use an object generator, that works perfect, it does not generate its object when the armor is destructed, used as an destruction obj generator. Did anybody ever use an destruction obj generator ? It seems that it does not work at all. Nobody used an destruction object generator ?

We did in weapons....we did not in armor. Never got around to it.

I can imagine that if the parameter would have worked, that it would have been used. But it has not been used, so indeed, it might not be working... Too bad. You can do this on a weapon however, because I am sure this destruction generator works...

Can you give me an example in which level a destruction object generator was used with a weapon ?

Not really a level. Take a random weapon from the Rynn weapons and you will probably see a destruction obj. generator on it. You know, when you make the last hit with a weapon, how it falls apart. That is the destruction generator...

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