"Active" Armor

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"Active" Armor

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"Active" Armor

I try to create a type of "active" Armor.
The idea is, that if any enemy hits or touches the armor the armor releases a demaging effect ( like burning for example ) on him, without a needed action of Rynn.Is there a way to realize that ?

I tried to use a special material property for the textures of the armor io order to bind a damage-effect on them ( like -damage at a health-pool ), but I got no effect ( neither on Rynn nor on the enemy ).
Has anybody an idea ?
Perhaps it is possible by a kind of trigger that detects when the armor is hit and sets free a certain effect ?

mp no...single player you can almost do "soemthing" like that but i really dunno how close...it would involve a trigger box around rynn ...grouped to her with the group object. Hidden untill you picked up the item that "caused" it. From that point its pretty straight forward...detect enemy inside of radius...spawn whatever...reset trigger. Also the obj gen that you'l be toggling is also grouped with rynn.

This is really a pretty technical thing to ask for with just the level editor...i'm sure stomp can help also...but I dunno if its worth it...chances are it wont be quite what you want unless you really researched quite of a bit about riot and the editor class by class.

I think, with a trigger detector it should work for my SP-level, but ( stupid question ) how do I use groups.
I can create a new class with type group and then ?
Which model do I have to use ?
How do I put the objects into the group ?
How do I combine the group with Rynn ( is a simple link form the group object to Rynn enough ? )
Mmmmh, again a lot of questions, I hope I'm not getting a pain in the neck to you, Sageous.

no model...parameters are straight forward..to do the actual grouping...link it to the object that will "lead" or be the parent...all other links are to children...play with it if you dont understand right away.

what would we be witout you ...
I'll try it,

Ok, now I'm really close to it, but I still have some problems.

I have a trigger-detector that detects "Rynn or dragon or NPC" turning on an object generator ( set to cycle and toggle ) and a timer triggered by the detector too, which turns off the generator after one generation, all that in a group linked to Rynn. ( Using groups is really pretty easy ).

My first problem was, that there are no settings to detect an NPC only ( right ? ). Therefore my settings detected Rynn in the detector-area herself and triggered at once. I solved that problem by using 4 small detector-stripes put around Rynn in some distance, building the edges of a square, so that she is not in the detector-field herself. I had to put all 4 detectors to the group.
With that trick enemies coming close to Rynn started the object generator,like I wanted.

Now, my problem is :
How do I bind that effect to the "active Armor" in that way, that the effect is only released if the armor is worn ?
Binding the group to the armor-powerup instead of Rynn does not have any effect.
Is there a possibility to turn the effect on if the armor is put on and to turn it off if the armor is put off ?
Do I have to set the initial detector status to "disabled" instead of "enabled" and activate/deactivate it by something detecting if the armor is worn ?


Start the detectors inactive (there is a parameter) and wait till she picks up the armor...you can send a msg when you pick up an item...get a counter or something to get "any msg" and then have it send the enable to the detectors

I'll try and give feedback when I'm back from holiday.
Thanks, Sageous.

Ok Sageous,
back from holiday and now I can turn on detectors grouped around Rynn if she takes a certain armor.But is there although a way to turn on the detectors, only if Rynn wears/uses the armor ?
( If yes, is there a way to turn off the detectors, if Rynn puts off the armor ? ) Why do the grouped detectors not work when I group them to the armor ?

A couple of new questions for SP :

1.) Is there a way to give an armor the abibitity to protect against certain environment influences ?
In detail :
a.) Can I create an armor that protects against lava or general fire-damage, so that Rynn can walk on lava and is not hurt by fire-attacks ?
b.) Can I create an armor that protects against water, so that Rynn can dive as long as she wants without drowning ( as if she could breath under water ) ?
c.) Can I create an armor that protects agains magic-attacks ?
d.) Can I create an armor that protects agains poison-attacks ?

2.) Is there a way to dynamically change the looking of an armor ?
In detail :
a.) Is there a way to switch the texture of an armor if the armor got a certain count of damage points ( for example : if the armor is hit and got 25 damage points another texture [damaged armor] for the same armor is used ) ?
b.) Is there a way to switch the texture of an armor after a certain period of time ( for example : after the armor is put on and worn for 20 sec another texture for the same armor is used ) ?

3.) Is there a way to give an armor an attack-effect ?
a.) Some weapons have secondary magical attack effects. For example a fire sword can be used to hit or to release a magical fire-attack effect as a a secondary effect.
Is it posssible to give an armor such an effect, so that Rynn can release a magic-attack by her armor if she does not use a magic weapon ?

4.) Is it possible to generate a kind of detector, with which I can detect how many health-points Rynn still has or how many damage-points she received ?

5.) Is it possible to create a "healing"-armor, that starts recovering Rynn after she got a certain count of damage-points when she wears it ?

Are you tring to write a book for the modeler or sumthing. Sage is not gonna be able to type ever again if he replies :P But i do find that very intresing.. Id like to know.

a yes make the textures use a material property that is not burnable. The default one is.
b no
c magic is same as fire just differnt art.
d see c

a no
b no

3 maybe....would be the same idea as the rest of this thread. Grouping some object to rynn when she puts it on. Maybe a mechanism but I wouldnt bother with it.
a. that would it a magic weapon so whats the point...and no.

4 hmmmm when rynn gets hit she spawns blood...find the generator and try to make her spawn an object that sends a msg to a counter that counts something down...although that wont give her health...just how many times she has been hit. I dont know what the object is called that can send msgs like im' thinking but its in there.

5 try setting the texture property to have a negative damage...material properties.

ps: you make a post with a ton of questions you will get tiny answers.

sorry, to ask again.

Setting the texture properties of the armor (legs, body, head, hair ) to a material that is not burnable only prevents the graphical burn effect, but does not generally prevent that Rynn is damaged by lava. Her liveponits are reduced anyway.

Setting the texture properties to a material with negative damage ( like healing fontain ) does not have any effect. I think material properties only take effect if Rynn walks onto the material/texture. Is there any other possibility to create a fire resistent/healing armor ?

The burn thing will not save rynn from lava as that isnt a burn...the texture just looks like lava.
Burn damage is a damage effect...its the one where you catch on fire...like from the flame axe. You can use it for that...but not texture damage (what you call lava).
You could try making a level with harmless lava and something else dealing out burning damage like generators spawning fire rings maybe.
In the same way of producing a detector that follows rynn you might attach a respawning health like from MP...dunno tho. I dont have a solution that I have tried....only speculation.

Make the lava do no damage, but have the damage effect be a burn that does 75 health per second damage or something. The fire axe secondary in MP uses this exact same technique. You won't get damaged if your textures aren't flammable.

Tanks guy, I'll try it. ( my last mail for 3 weeks because I go to a seminar ).

Maybe if you set the armor or the lava (if its in your level only) you can give it some sort of invisible force field effect to protect you that moves with you. I think youd have to use STOMP for that and im not that big in that part of modeling yet.
hope i help

Sorry that I didn't send an answer until now, but I didn't got the time.

With the new knowledge, how to transform Rynn into a new player-type ( see "Can player-settings be switched inside one level" ) it should be possible to group the effects of an active-attacking armor to such a new player. The transformation into a new player solves the problem that the active-armor only should react, if Rynn wears it, not if she only takes it.

For example an enemy, that comes close to a DemonRynn should get fire-damage, while a DemonRynn should never get a fire-damage herself. I'll try that and give feedback.

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