Switchblade Weapon question

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Switchblade Weapon question

Post by shoprat »

Weapon question

ok i want to make a wepon that needs to be opened .. what i mean is .. lets say i have a switchblade ... the wepon is floating in the air closed ( as any switch blade is before you use it ) .. now when the players picks it up i want either the wepon in hand to be a different model than the closed switchblade or make a secondary action spawn a full open knife ..

i have tried a few things .. i have used the closed model in the MP: version of the weapon but it only shows the open blade .. i have linked it to an open blade off the map but that does nothing .. and making another weapon as the secondary just crashes drakan ... anyway just a thought

You're really pushing it as far as trying to do things you shouldnt consider do-able.

Theres just no function even slightly helpfull in riot for doing this.

*** 5 min later

This is serious hack but maybe if you used stomp to attach the blade to the actor (rynn) on her hand channel in infinite loop. There's plenty of ways to call stomp during MP but I cant think of a clean way to do it inside of the act of using a weapon. If weapons would allow an object generator for their 2nd attack like a crystal item could then you'd be set because you could call stomp that way with stomp players inside of object generators. And the blade itself wouldn't know to be "armed" during your swings so it would probably have to be a mechanism that's constantly armed.

Good luck trying to figure this out.

Can you explain more what you're trying to do? If you want your weapon to look different when it's in the air to when you hold it,I think I know how to do it...

Create a blade class on model choose your "opened blade" and on type choose hand weapon.create an MP:blade class and go on his properties.For model,choose your "Closed" blade model.The on type choose rynn powerup.Choose the rotation tab and on the model list,choose your "Closed" Blade.

Hope it will help you, Quiksilver_5

Well Quiksilver_5's method doesn't work ;-( .. it still shows the opened blade spinning .. and perhaps i'll mess with sageous's method ( but you did give me ideas for other stuff )...idealy i would want the secondary to toggle between models ... but if sageous say's it's not do-able then i guess i shouldn't be to concerned with it ... here is a thought ... if i make the open blade's blade a dark ( black ) color on an alpha texture and use a glow effect on the open blade will it glow around the transparent part of the alpha map?

gona try in a bit .. i hope it does ;-)

lucindreaa ;)
The alpha map works ... i have to mess with the glow a bit and the texture ( closed blade is a bit hard to see ) but it does work ;-) ok now my only question is .. how do you get those little yellow smilies to show up on your messages?

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