Ghoul Missiles

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Ghoul Missiles

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Ghoul Missiles

i was wondering ..
can ghoul missiles be used in multiplayer as secondary attacks?

i tried to incorporate the death crystal attack as a secondary, but when used, it didn't damage the other users .. in addition, it didn't seek properly (it did spawn and "appear" to act in the right way).

is there anyway to make it damage multiplayer users?

in addition if it is not possible are there any alternatives that i can use in its stead (i tried quivers and arrows and those don't work)?

Don't remember how those were composed...would take me a awhile to go through all their parameters to find what doesn't work.

I don't know what part of this you want in mp but if you want a missile that looks like a ghoul then just mod the energy bow or something to use whatever model the ghoul missile does.

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