Waypoint follower question

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Waypoint follower question

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Question about waypoint followers

I want to follow a lift-platform a certain route in the air. I think that can be done by waypoint followers. How do I have to use them to relize that ?

Since I understand you are making an SP level, I think best is to use a STOMP sequence. Making an object move is quite simple, you can do it with the walkthrough UW has made...
I do not know how waypoint followers work though...

Ok, I made it, but no there is another problem : In the vulcano world you find an elevator waypoint follower and the waypoints to link it to.You have to put the elevator waypoint follower in the level instead the elevator platform. Then you put the waypoints in and link one to another. Then you link the follower to the first waypoint.

Now it belongs to the waypoint settings.If you have them set to "idle", the platform moves instantly and continuesly. If you have them set to "when receiving message" the platform moves when the waypoint follower is sent the trigger "move to waypoint". So for it works perfect.

Now my problem is, that I want the platform only to do the moving loop one time and only then again if triggered again. With the settings above the platform moves endlessly if triggered one time. How do I stop and restart the moving by trigger ?

If you used stomp you could do that simply by making the stomp scene non looping and call it as much as you like.
Once something has received the wp msg...it wont stop unless it runs out of wps...so I was going to say just destroy one of the wps...but you want to be able to use it again...so you could just move it such that the path just doesnt move (move one wp over the other). You can move them with stomp or by grouping them with a mechanism or door class.

Terrible hack though...should use stomp.

waypoints and fleeing

waypoints seem like they should be easy but I can't seem to get the hang of them. I want asuccubus to take some damage and flee so I set the waypoints to give her a specific path and set them to activate "fleeing". I then link her to the forst waypoint then that waypoint to the next one. What she doe is flee spining in another direction. I've looked a the retail levels and this seems like what I should do. How am I being braindead?

Fleeing is not what to do its part of how to do it....you can make them follow a wp as if they are walking...running...flying...fleeing...not all types apply to all creatures...should be obvious which do what...But its just a description of which animation they use.
Now when they do the wp's which is what you want....you can choose...idle...player seen...msg recieved...etc...those. You will see those in a drop down. Condition you wanted to use not in there? Then it doesnt do that. I dont remember which is in there.
AI does flee...but its a parameter on the AI...i dunno where...look for it...its called something relating to "I will flee when i havethis much health left" but i dont think you can specify where to run.
In general once you get an ai to attack you....all wp's are off. Maybe there is a way around it but i've never looked into it.

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