Trigger attack

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Trigger attack

Postby shoprat » Sat Aug 18, 2012 6:47 pm

Trigger attack-(damage)-effect

A simple question this time : How can I make a trigger-detector release a weapon effect ?
I want to set a trigger for example to a certain ground-area, that releases an attack-(damage)-effect, like that of a fire-crystal, to the one who crossed the area.
After all the complicated stuff, that sounds easy, but how do I have to do it ?

In the future preface questions like this with an indication of sp or mp.
In mp...same as hill of fire...look into it. One change...put the fire ring inside of a generator that is inside of another gen. That gen...put in the crystal. So the crystal spawns gen to gen to ring. There is no such thing as a detector in mp. You use powerups that are if that is what you want then make the power like the crystal in hill of fire...use a model that is such...invisible.

sp...use a detector to set off a gen with a ring i'd guess...i dunno...i'm guessing. I'm sure there's a zillion ways if you just try.

Oh dont have to use a fire can use anything that does area or radius damage. Like a projectile that expires in .01 seconds.

Thanks Sageous,I'll try ( I meant SP ) It works !It's really simple.

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