visibility toggler for Arohk?

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visibility toggler for Arohk?

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visibility toggler for Arohk?

This may not be possible but I'd like Arohk to meet Rynn at a certain spot in my level but not before. I tried the visibility toggler and a trigger with no luck. I can hear him around but he doesn't become visible. once again thanks to everyone for your help in the past.

It's possible to teleport Arokh from one place to another by using a Cave Entrance type detector. Create a building class with no model, place it where you want Arokh to teleport to, and link the cave entrance to it. I'm not sure, but I think this only works if you have two cave entrances, and Arokh teleports after you trigger the second one. Be sure to set them to Detect Only Once so that Arokh doesn't just spontaneously teleport whenever you have Rynn go through the detectors again.

Try to find out how it was made at Grotto level ... Arokh came to Rynn when she trigger push plate detector and sit at the rock before it... I think you can use STOMP to do it ...

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