Sky solutions

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Sky solutions

Postby shoprat » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:04 pm

Sky is chaos when making water level. Help!

I make my water by making a channel in a layer, texturing it, creating a second layer to put over the channel(the surface of the water), a between layer, then I texture it as water and change the vertices to WATER-STILL. I recalculate layer visibility, walkable areas, outdoor vertices, etc.

I have a Camera, Rynn, Sky from Tropical World Common, Rynn, and Rynn Launchpad.

I can swim fine but the sky reflects the graphics managerie from the water or any other movement. I don't understand what I'm missing.

The cause of your problem is the sky from the Tropical World Common database. That sky object doesn't actually work. If you want the tropical sky, you'll have to use the one from the Islands map database.

Thanks! Placing another sky fixed it.

Skys? Can there be variation?

Is is possible to have 2 skys in a level? I have this interesting idea (sorta night and day for a ctf level but it would look funny with a single sky. Can i use some sort of transition in mp to accomplish this vision or am i just flat out of luck?

hmmm...there's a classtype called sky+fog switcher but I dunno how to make it control the sky...the fog it does fine, maybe the sky part is just misnamed. Anyway...I think you can cause the sky to change by spawning one. Just set up a crystal like in hill of fire...make it spawn an object gen instead of fire...inside the generator put a sky. You'll probably have to play with the orientation.

Ok ill try that......thanks Sageous.

To make a sky+fog switcher, duplicate one from a level database like Wartok Canyons. It should have the same box shape as a trigger detector. Place the switcher so it's stretched across the cave entrance, or wherever you want to switch the sky and fog, so that it's facing either in or out. Now you'll need to change the fog values and link it to the skies you want. Open the properties and change the Negative Fog value to the fog color you want for the area in the direction the switcher is facing, and change the Positive Fog value to the fog color you want opposite that. As for the skies, you should link the switcher first to the sky you want for the area the switcher is facing, and then link it to the other sky. You must do it in this order, or else the wrong sky will show up in both places.

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