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Multiplayer sounds

Posted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:17 pm
by shoprat
multiplayer sounds

I made an huge crowd cheering when someone dies...But there's a problem,it dosen't cheer at all.I've made a new multiplayer sounds class,with all my sounds at the right place but...Why isn't it working?

how are you trying to make the wavfile play? you're tossing out the sound class from someone's death generator? or something else? Or did you mean playing a diff wav at the level end? need more info

Ok,I've found a class called "Multiplayer Sounds" into multiplayer common db,I've duplicated it to my new one.But I'd like to know how i get it to work now. I forgot to say I've changed all the sounds on it.

oh ok...that object is only used for the sounds in MP that appear at a chat msg or a level ending etc. All of the parameters should be obvious. The only catch is that Drakan uses this class like a template and will use the first one it finds...So this must be set up just like when you want over-ride the parameters on rynn.

The database specific to your level has to be created and saved before you added the "common" databases. I always do my databases this way now in case I want to alter a setting on rynn or some other template.

Anyway once you have the databases in the useable order all you do is have this class type somewhere in your database...doesnt matter where...and you can change all the event sounds to whatever you want.

It works!!! Thanks a lot Sageous,your help is precious. You will soon see a great level released with crowd-cheering system