Castle Construction

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Castle Construction

Postby shoprat » Sat Aug 18, 2012 7:42 pm

Castle Construction

I have a problem. I can use the editor to make beautiful rolling hills and terrains, but when I pull up an objects database and use the create tool, I get nothing. I put it on objects edit mode, so that's not it.

Also, while i'm here, What would be the process for creating a small stone building? I have a really great idea if I could just learn the basics of making buildings (ya know, just the basics; walls, ceilings, maybe multiple floors).

Any advice on this will not only be an enormous help, but also greatly appreciated. I have a really impressive level i want to try to make...
Would it be difficult to make a castle with multiple floors? It would need an underground dungeon too i figure

according to my limited understanding, multiple floors and ceilings are not a problem, I've made multiple levels with ramps leading to each other, just layers with one end bent down to the lower layer etc., but vertical walls still elude me. I've only created steep slants, not sure how to use the "in-between" layer designation. still learning...

To place objects on the landscape - First select the layer you want to place objects on (you must be in layer edit mode). Next, enter Object edit mode, select create tool (same one you create layers with), then pull up the databases window, make sure the classes tab is selected, pick an object, and click anywhere on the landscape to place it. Certain object cannot be placed on the landscape, in this case a dialog would pop up.. otherwise the object's icon should appear where you clicked.

so then vertical walls are objects? or models? as i found a few in the ground multiplayer "relic".
hmmm, thanks. let me experiment some more, and keep on with the helpful tips.

Due to the nature of the engine's layer system, vertical landscape walls cannot be created. You can get very steep slopes (89.9999 degrees) but generally any vertical walls you see in the game are models.

Damn. i was trying to place objects with the models tab.

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