viewing animations

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viewing animations

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viewing animations

i have figured out how to get an orc into MP, but i don't understand all the animations. many of the animations are labelled with numbers and abbreviations, and i have no idea what they mean ..

.. hmm .. what i'm trying to ask is .. is there a way to find out what those animations do .. so that i can make sure that they all go in the proper place.

use the 3d window and test each animation with the editor...write down the name for the animation. dont know a simpler way though.

Mind,i tried to make an orc playable there is 2 weeks,and I failed.The reason:The walk frwrd/backwrd works,but it dosen't make your orc going forward or backward... I've also try,there is 1 month or more,to make rynn an opponents...The result?It works great!If you want to see it,give me a call.

quick .. i'm assuming you used the orc as an armor that you put on ...

The animations that the monsters use dont have translation in them...for rynn to move...her forward,back,and strafes need this. So it wont work. The exception is tuiri.

shoot - well there go my projects. i almost had the human control object completed for the orc.

.. sigh .. heh .. well, this would be an excellent thing to incorporate in drakan 2 .. different MP models.
well, back to the drawing board ..

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