saving texture through game engine

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saving texture through game engine

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I don't know why is that, that when you unpack a texture from .mmp (which are practically all 8bpp paletted)
and convert colour space to 24/32 bpp they become much darker than their originals, even you didn't change anything at all.
Before, I tried to pack some textures to mmp files and know that sgi's mmp compiler although excellent with 24/32 bpp images,
when it comes to save 8bpp mmp does some mess in opposition to BaBx which does it very well, but is laborious and not very user friendly.
I couldn't use it to read mmp file though, so I tried to do some trick and see whether it will change something - to save texture through
game engine itself.
here is what I found: there is way to read texture from mmp

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# @ Scripts/
import BBLib
import Raster

print logo_rebel
>>> 56
what it does is read mmp and loads textures somewhere, and you can access their names and handle through 'Raster' module but that's it - you
cannot access them to save into file

althought there is way to save bitmaps through engine - with BBLib, but not the same textures that reside in Raster

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image1.ReadFromBMP("../../Data/SunFlare.bmp") # similarly, image1.ReadFromFile() will work with .jpg
>>> 128, 128
>>> 1
but I can't find the way to marry B_BitMap24 which is some class in BBLib module with textures that can be accessed by their handles
with Raster module only ( which doesn't have any method to save files - it's for drawing on a screen after all)

anyone have some idea how to solve it?
l'aria fresca,
vino puro, ...

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