How do i install

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How do i install

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I use to play this game when i was little kid , didnt even know its name back then , i had forgot the name but still remembered the game. Now after 10 years i discover the game's name is Drakan but i cant play it :(

I have installed windows xp on virtual box but im having trouble installing the game , first of all the game i downloaded contains a 445 patch folder a all in one patch folder and a 10th anniversary folder , now the problem is where is the setup? i cant find it..... ;( there is a setup in the 445 folder but it returns an error without running

1) patch is for different language

2) the installation is either corrupt

3)installation is incomplete

please help me out ! :(

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Re: How do i install

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What version of Windows are you running?
Ironically, Drakan seems to run best on Win7 and later; even in Win10 it works OK for most people.
Using VirtualBox (or other such programs) isn't needed, and can in fact cause more problems than it solves in this case.

Our member UCyborg has created an awesome repack of Drakan, which is already pre-patched with the newest version, and ready to play.
A lot of bugs have been squashed there, and it also contains almost all of the fan-made levels and (optional) mods.
You can download it here. If that link doesn't work for you, then here is an alternative download location.

BTW, that version I linked to is required if you want to connect to the multiplayer servers :wink:

Here's a quick guide to get it running:
  • You will need 7zip (free software) or a recent version of WinRAR to unpack that file.
  • Unpack it to an empty folder, for example C:\Program Files\OOTF\
  • Uninstalling any previous Drakan installation is optional, but do not overwrite your previous installation with the Gold Pack! It has to go into an empty folder.
  • Open the folder where you unpacked it, and open the "AiO Patch" folder inside. In there is a file named "Disable_Drakan_Compat_Shims.reg" - double click it, and click Yes/OK in the dialog box that pops up.
  • Back out of that folder, and open the "Drakan" folder.
  • Right click and drag "Drakan.exe" to your desktop and/or start menu, and select "Create shortcut(s) here" from the context menu which appears.
  • Done! You can play now :)
  • If you want to change some graphical settings or enable "developer mode", hold SHIFT while clicking the shortcut to Drakan.exe; this will open the "Riot Engine Options" window.
Also, please be advised that in Windows 10, running the game for the first time may bring up a warning that it's an "unrecognized and potentially unsafe application". Do not worry about that - this is a false alarm, and it's actually perfectly safe to use.

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