BoD tool - mmp files convert(Python program)

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BoD tool - mmp files convert(Python program)

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Hi all,
Recently I referenced the source code of mmp_dump.cpp and found that the file structure of mmp is very simple. So I wrote a small program "mmp_convert" using python3, because python provides a useful image processing library.
It can handle large numbers of mmp files easily and quickly.

There are 3 mmp programs on the current network:
- RAS's BaB
It seems that it can't package 32bpp images, and it can only be packaged and cannot be unpacked. :?

- mmp_dump
The command line starts, it can only unpack and can not be packaged, can not unpack 32bpp images.

- SGIMMPWorkstation
By SGI. All features are perfect.
packing/unpacking/deleting/adding/generating dat, supporting 8/24/32bpp, is a very convenient software.
The only downside is its automated batch processing and multithreading.

You may have guessed the function of mmp_convert.
packing/unpacking/deleting/adding/generating dat/convert bpp/convert format, support 8/24/32bpp, batch automation and multi-process.
The most important thing: the python environment

## Instructions
1. You need a Python environment (I use python 3.7)
2. Check if you have pip installed
Enter pip --version in cmd
3. Install third-party library PIL
Enter pip install Pillow in cmd
4. Drag the file or folder you want to process to the ".bat" file



More detailed descriptions in my github repository:

I hope it can help you! :D
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