Thinking of shutting down or reducing this site

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Re: Thinking of shutting down or reducing this site

Post by CLBrown »

I personally hope to see resources like this stay available. The interest in "older games" is actually on the upswing in recent years, with the improvement of VMs, the maturity of DOSBox, and sites like GOG putting out old games on a regular basis.

In fact, I keep hearing that someone is working on an "updated release" of Drakan. I mean, a commercial one. I actually expect that to be coming in the next year, so your timing may be good.

Whether that results in a traffic uptick for the site or not is... well, not known yet. But as long as the re-release is "add-on-level-compatible" and the overall gameplay doesn't change, I suspect that will happen.

At the very least, if you shut things down, keep an archive in case you want to jump back into the game when/if this alleged re-release occurs.

Remember, Stubbs the Zombie has had a great re-release recently, and is doing quite well. Drakan is at least as likely to be a success in re-release as that one was.

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Re: Thinking of shutting down or reducing this site

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Unfortunately the drakan remake was cancelled due to copyright issues with Sony. It was not possible to reach the right people to gain permission and the project was pulled.

If I do ever shut the site down I will definitely keep an archive perhaps on Dropbox or my personal webspace with a link to a location where it can be downloaded.
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