Game Failing To Start

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Re: Game Failing To Start

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Well.... Everything seems to be working fine atm. :D

The maps load in sequence and starting maps directly works too. I made a fourth map which will be the finale and
I still have work to do on that, but the first three parts are essentially complete. But there is a lot of testing and fine tuning
to do. It's all incredibly complex.
I'm amazed how well it does run when all is working correctly. Even with 10s of NPCs in view the framerate stays high. I used
to think it was running fast at 30fps but now it hits 180+. Computers have come on a lot since 2000. :lol:

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Blade_progress overlay image

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When making Blade_progress images you can use my template available here. You can use any graphic editor supporting layers or use included batch.
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