Books I find interesting

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Books I find interesting

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Well, for one, I like to read teenager books & some kid books. One or 2 sci fi fantacy books.

Lets see, I have read <u>The Saint of Dragons</u> by Jason Hightman. It's mostly about dragon hunters. There's a second book called <u>Samurai</u>, but I'm in the process of starting to read that.

There's another book which can b found in the kids section called <u>The Coming of Dragons</u> by A. J. Lake. It's the first of 3 books, if I remember correctly. The second book is called <u>The Book of the Sword</u>. Don't own it yet, but will soon. A nice short book. Will get attatched if into fantasy.

A Sci Fi fantacy book I have yet to read is called <u>The Dragon Delasangre</u> by Alan F. Troop. There r 5 books total, but only 4 r out as of now. I can't wait to start reading these. A friend of mine said so far so good.

On the back of the book it reads: "BRILLIANT.... Troop takes the loneliness, angst, and eroticism so often found in the works of Anne Rice and weaves them into a new kind of misunderstood monster. Push aside the vampires and werewolves... and enter the dragon"

A book I feel will become the next Harry Potter is called <u>The Alchemyst {The Secrets of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel}</u> by Michael Scott. It does not contain dragons though. First book of 6. This is the only one out so far. A small cliffhanger @ the end, which will make u go insane waiting for the next book: <u>The Magician</u>. That book should b released sometime within the next month or 2. Nice mixture of todays world along with fantasy.

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