DgVoodoo, recording, and general quality & performance considerations

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Re: DgVoodoo, recording, and general quality & performance considerations

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Just messing around with the latest WIP dgvoodoo and the lens flare glitch is still intact. I can live without it because it kills my FPS, without the lens flare glitch i'm running at a locked 95fps at 1440p, i'm limiting frame rate via afterburner, no frame time issues that I can see. One issue I have is I can't get any kind of screenshot tool to work. I normally use Afterburner but it's not recording any screenshots but the overlay is working. So strange...

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Re: DgVoodoo, recording, and general quality & performance considerations

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Fast video memory access must be enabled in dgVoodoo for better performance with lens flares. It does something weird so it's a bit problematic in general. Lag spikes are still noticeable at very high resolutions, eg. 4K. It also depends on CPU speed, with slower CPUs one may experience the issue at lower resolutions. Running an older version of the game will also make it crash randomly due to a bug that makes it cross the buffer boundary.

My patch comes with its own frame limiter. If you have Windows 10, you can just press Win + Alt + PrtScrn to make a screenshot. Years ago, I used DxTory for that.
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