Icing the Inquisitors Cave

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Icing the Inquisitors Cave

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Got a new laptop with some real horsepower a few weeks back. Put a PS2 emu on it and loaded up my favorite game. Don't know how many times I've played 'The Game' but decided to do a 'Quest of Fire and Ice' this time around. I plan on using those powers and weapons with them to see how many baddies I can wipe out before, as Popeye says, "I can't stands no more." I want to run through as many levels/areas as possible with no armor and minimal 'firepower'.

I cleared out the spider basement with Rynn's Dagger and went to rescue the farmers wife. Cleared out the cave with Bitter Touch to get some loot and got a level increase that I applied to Magic. Jumped off the bridge and swam across the river and took the path to Jade's place. Bought Fire and Ice, 'natch. Left Jade's and swam over to the Inquisitor's cave.

I dropped my cave and basement stuff after the level transition and started across the bridge with the intent of being a cold blooded killer. It was a hell of a romp!! Got toasted by a lot of fireballs but finally figured out where all the good cover was located. Probably killed four or five wartocs with Bitter Touch and the rest with Ice Magic. It was a hot battle but I got to the Inquisitor with a few potions left.

I pushed the pillar down, locked on to him, and started playing 'Ring around the Rosey'. I kept the pillar between us to block his attacks. He's a hard target to hit with Ice. I found out the best way was to keep to the low end of the pillar and ice him down as he passed by. The best effects were when I could hit him in the back or head on. Easier said than done. He doesn't lose too many HPs per attack either. After about 8-10 tries I finally broke him up. What a blast!

Was able to take a few pics with the emu. Took the first just before crossing the bridge to his lair showing my loot. The second is after he melted into the stonework and I had jumped on top of one of the pillars. Nice view from up there with the 'hide and seek' pillar I used on the extreme right.

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It's a good challenge for someone who has done the game multiple times. If you have an unique or special method of playing through the game make a post. I'm a wild and crazy player and I'm up for something completely different. Too bad we can't play as a lumberjack... but I'm OK. ;)

I was going to run through the Brother's pad and get the Flaming Sword next, but... I spent a fair amount of time trying to get there on foot with no joy. If it's possible to get there without a dragon would someone share the info? I'm keeping the save before the fight with the Inquisitor just in case.

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