Blade.exe command line arguments

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Blade.exe command line arguments

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Sometimes there is a need to adjust way the program runs. In our case, there is a launcher window


where you can select the video and audio drivers, which are saved in configuration files and then, next time, it will be remembered. Unfortunately it is not possible to set it up withing the game, and for average user there is no way to skip this window and start the game with already set up settings.
There is a hope though. Game can be ran with command line arguments or by editing shortcut properties


which is essentially the same.

Game accepts few command line arguments, starting with hyphen `-', which is part of argument.
You want to pass it to the program without quotes.

* ?

* start with python console (it runs in separate window and is most useful in windowed mode; in full screen it plays all kinds of tricks)

* start dedicated server

* use specified device (renderer?)

* start map MAP

* no direct input, whatever that may be

* no game spy?

* no mouse (self explanatory)

* no sound

* skip laucher window (this is the most useful option of all)

* use 3dfx renderer?

* use D3D renderer?

* use OpenGL renderer?

* ??

* use sound driver (specified by index IDX; to be verified in launcher window)

* no idea

for example:

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Blade.exe -dev:rOpenGL.dll -snd:2 -map:Arena1 -console -quick

Note that not everything here works as expected. In my tests using `-map:<MAP>' didn't work.
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