Another AIO patch update

Another release of the AIO patch to download – this fixes an issue with the dedicated server not loading the next level when minimized. If you play the game online you should update to this patch version. As always the latest patch is on the downloads page.


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New AIO patch update – multiple bug fixes

Ucyborg has released a new version of his AiO patch for Drakan. Here are the new features and bug fixes:-

  • Implemented per-user settings; config, saves and other data will be saved to user’s Documents folder, in “My Games\Drakan”.
  • Added option to turn on/off redirection of user data to user’s Documents folder.
  • Screenshots will go to Screenshots subfolder and the old screenshots won’t be overwritten.
  • Added option to disable the usage of performance counter for timing.
  • Game will no longer force-create registry key with A3D settings for old Aureal sound cards.
  • Reverted change from previous update that caused “No Servers Listed” message in server browser remain on screen permanently.
  • Deleting last user defined server from server browser will now delete servers.txt file from disk, previously the file remained on disk with 1 server entry, which showed up on the list again after refreshing server list.
  • Replaced PeekMessage call with GetMessage in a message loop for Riot Engine Options dialog, taking care of excessive CPU utilization.
  • Changed main loop to process all pending window messages before running a frame instead of just one per frame.
  • Increased default limit of concurrent playing sounds from 20 to 64 (no more sound cutoffs without a DirectSound wrapper).
  • Added missing trigger that turns off EAX Cave sound effect when leaving the cave in Ruined Village where 2 Scavengers attack an Orc.
  • Game will now use the audio device selected in Riot Engine Options dialog instead of always using default device.
  • It’s now possible to select which monitor to use for fullscreen mode in Riot Engine Options dialog.
  • Added FPS limiter.
  • Restored compatibility with Windows 9x family of operating systems.
  • Removed now redundant compatibility database from the archive, you may remove “Drakan SDB” entry from programs list or using Compatibility Administrator if you’ve installed it.
  • Empty DebugLog.txt will no longer be created when opening 3D view in Level Editor.
  • Sounds played in Level Editor 3D view will no longer be muted when window loses focus.

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Drakan remake in unity engine

As I mentioned before one of our forum members has started working on a remake of Drakan: OOTF in the unity engine and quite a lot of progress has been made on the levels. A dedicated site / blog has now been put up by Yangez93 which can be found hereĀ

News and development discussions will still be made on our forums

A very early screenshot of the Ruined Village level

There are some complications that need to be ironed out such as copyright issues; it may be that the game has to be changed so that it is similar to Drakan but we will have to wait and see. At the moment it’s going to be required that you have to own the original game to be able to play the remake. Progress is going slow so if you want to help please post on the forum link above.

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Site colours change & new editor

As you may have noticed I’ve changed the site colours on the front pages so they are more in line with the forum theme colours. It really needs to be redesigned for better readability on mobile devices but that will come in time. I’ve also noticed since the latest Android update the forum menu bar is hidden by the address bar in the chrome browser. I suggest changing your forum style if you view the site on mobile devices a lot. This can be found under preferences in your user account settings.

We now have our forum member YanGez93 who will be posting articles on this page; he’s making a remake of Drakan in the unity engine and it’s looking pretty neat. Watch this space.

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Banner ads are gone & spammers piss me off.

I’ve removed the advertising as part of an investigation as to why the server logs are getting absolutely massive and a sudden surge in hits causing concern for server resources. I visited the site today and found that the banner ads were advertising something very offensive and definitely did not fit in with the site’s content. I apologize in advance if anyone found anything offensive in any of the adverts.

They were provided by google adsense and something I thought I could trust. There are lots of back -referrers from porn and other sites containing offensive material in the access log files so I guess this is where the ads got this from. I don’t know so they are gone.

I have a lot of automatic tools installed on this site and on the server so I don’t have to babysit it all the time and manually check for abuse, spam, hacking attempts etc. 98% of the time it just works but it seems some of these tools isn’t quite working right so Ill manually check more often. This all came about because of spam floods in the past and finding this site reported for hosting objectionable content that was posted by a spammer.

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Events calendar is no more

I’ve decided to delete the events calendar as no-one used it and it was just taking up room on the server. I never liked it anyway šŸ˜‰ It’s error log file had grown to over 10Gb in size due to logging spamming attempts. However we now have a Steam group which I assume most would prefer. I’ve updated the events link to point to this new page if you want to check it out.


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Another AiO patch update – multiplayer working!

Another update to the AiO patch which fixes many more issues with multiplayer and now registers the game on several master servers. Add the following to your drakan.cfg file to make this work.

Please see the forum post for more info as there’s really too much to mention and re-post here.

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We now have a Steam group

We now have an Arokh’s Lair steam group which you can join to chat with other fans and find former Drakan players who play games you may already own. It seems most former Drakan players play FPS games but me personally prefer RPG games. It’s worth a look at the group and it’s members to see if any of us have any games in common.

The link is hereĀ

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Further update to AIO patch

The all in one patch has been updated again with a minor update. Here’s what was posted on the forums which details the changes:-

I’ve re-uploaded the patch today because there was an overlooked issue with multiplayer since the previous update on level transition if the game was in fullscreen mode and minimized. The whole point of the new patch was basically the fact that with the first one, needless calls were made to the rendering APIs when they shouldn’t be. All this messing around because for some reason the game is coded in the way that it drops network activity if the primary DirectDraw surface is lost.

The update can be downloaded on the downloads page.

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Elder Scrolls online – any Drakan players play this game?

I put a forum post up about seeing if any ex drakan players play ESO and if they would be interested in joining a guild / group so we could adventure together in the world of Tamriel. The post is hereĀ Ā if you want to take a look at the details. I play on the EU server but seem as characters are not transferable between the EU and NA servers two guilds may have to be set up. We will see. For now more information is in the forum post.

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