Banner ads are gone & spammers piss me off.

I’ve removed the advertising as part of an investigation as to why the server logs are getting absolutely massive and a sudden surge in hits causing concern for server resources. I visited the site today and found that the banner ads were advertising something very offensive and definitely did not fit in with the site’s content. I apologize in advance if anyone found anything offensive in any of the adverts.

They were provided by google adsense and something I thought I could trust. There are lots of back -referrers from porn and other sites containing offensive material in the access log files so I guess this is where the ads got this from. I don’t know so they are gone.

I have a lot of automatic tools installed on this site and on the server so I don’t have to babysit it all the time and manually check for abuse, spam, hacking attempts etc. 98% of the time it just works but it seems some of these tools isn’t quite working right so Ill manually check more often. This all came about because of spam floods in the past and finding this site reported for hosting objectionable content that was posted by a spammer.

This means some of the revenue for running the server will be lost but don’t worry we are not going anywhere. These spam and hack attempts are seemingly getting more frequent on all websites and make running a website all that harder and time consuming. Unfortunately there’s a lot of people out there that just like pissing others off with bucket loads of their garbage and they don’t care who they offend or the problems it causes. One example was the now defunct events calendar which no-one used. However it’s log file had grown to a colossal 10GB in size prompting a warning from the host that my quota was nearly used up and high CPU usage processing said log. This was just full of failed login attempts by spammers so the calendar had to go.

Another example is I set up another website about a week ago which is just a personal electronics blog. Within 2 days it had been filled with spam so I have had to lock it down like a fortress which makes the site run slower as it is having to check against several known spammer databases plus keyword checks etc. It also makes it more awkward to use for genuine visitors; it makes you wonder if it’s worthwhile bothering with making a website at all. Seems you spend lots of time building a site and then some port spammer ruins your work.

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