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I have removed most of the content of this page as it related to getting the game to run on Windows 2000 / XP and was very out of date and is no longer relevant. There exists community patches which enable the game to run on Windows 10 with multiplayer fully functional and nobody should be using Windows XP or older now so it’s gone đŸ™‚

For general issues such as CTD, locking up, no sound, video issues 95% of these bugs have been fixed in the AIO patch. There has been several revisions of this patch and the latest version can be found on the downloads page. However as of V2.127 there has been some significant changes to the game files and paths so this patch can be tricky to install as there’s no auto installer. An alternative is to use the gold repack which contains all the modified files. Simply rename your drakan folder to drakan.old and put the repack contents into the Psygnosis folder. Move savegames to c:\users\<your_userID>\My Games\Drakan.

Users of certain onboard Intel video chipsets may encounter graphical glitches. This cannot be fixed at this time as it is a limitation of the graphics hardware. If driver updates do not fix we suggest buying an AMD or Nvidia graphics card if possible.

There is also the 10th anniversary patch which fixes some issues and improves performance but this cannot be used to play the game online without the AIO patch.

Although ‘official’ technical support for this game has been discontinued there are members of the community who will be glad to help. Please search the forums if you do not find what you are looking for on this page as many questions have been already answered in the forums. If you still need help, please post on the forum.

Multiplayer server info

As above multiplayer now works. You will need the AIO patch or the Drakan Gold Repack which both can be found on the downloads page. The patch fixes 95% of the bugs, crashes and enables multiplayer to work. Note that the master servers have changed but the repack includes the fixed config file with the updated master servers. For reference the line that needs to be changed in drakan.cfg is Set MasterServerList which needs to be changed to


I have listed the current server addresses below if you want to manually add them to your game.

  1. Arokh’s Lair (UK) Part time server used for arranged game matches. Has a discord chat channel which is joined by invitation. Please ask on the forums or PM me for an invite.
  2. Arokh’s Lair (Poland) Full time server running more or less 24/7. Uses the same discord channel as the UK server. Organised matches may be run on this server too as each server is limited to 8 players.
  3. Axe’s server (Netherlands) (normal games, used for private games Wednesday and Saturday) Not seen for some time but kept in the list as this is the most recent.

As with almost all custom add on levels you will need the 445 patch of which the English version can be downloaded here. For some levels you may also need the sky common add on which can be found here. Also you may get a crash when browsing the servers. This appears to be the game trying to connect to a non existent server. If this happens try deleting the obsolete servers from your servers.txt file. Please note you will also need the AIO patch or repack as well as patch 445 and sky common.

If anyone else runs a dedicated server which has a fixed IP address, please let me know.

Multiplayer levels can be downloaded from this site. There was another site in Russia but it was infested with viruses and malware and has hence been removed.

Game crashes to desktop after exiting Alwarren

This is a serious, well known bug in the game that only appears to happen after applying the 445 patch. There are a few fixes you can try to get around this problem, but in some cases they do not work. One tip that has been confirmed to work by a few people is to disable the freelook for Rynn (thanks to ‘Revenger’ for this one) prior to going through the exit. However, if this fails to work for you, I have a save game you can download which starts with you outside Rimril’s tower with the Amulet and Bell Hammer.

Please note that as of April 2018 this issue is fixed in the All-In-One patch so if for some reason you do not want to patch your game you can download my save game here.

Windows Vista

Drakan single player has been confirmed to be working under Windows Vista albeit with frequent crashing but however multiplayer has not yet been tried. The specs used to play the game was an Athlon X2 4600, ATI X1950XTX video and 2Gb RAM on an ASUS M2N32-SLI motherboard. Thanks to ‘Rvenger’ for help on this.

Further updates on Vista – it seems to be hit and miss whether the game works or not but generally single player works but there is no music and sound problems with certain set ups. However thanks to S. Kobold there is now a workaround to get music working under Vista. Download the direct X 9 DLL’s here and follow the instructions in the readme.

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