Promotional poster found on ebay

Chapomon found a rare promotional poster on ebay and scanned and touched it up for other Drakan fans to enjoy. The image is the some one that was used at E3 on Psygnosis’s stand when the game was announced at E3 1999. The poster was sent as a promo to various limited game store outlets and most have now been thrown away so this is a very rare find indeed.

The poster was a bit wrinkled but has touched up well and was not printed on glossy paper so has a matte finish. Anyway here it is:-

Thanks Chapomon!



Here’s a reworked version which enhances the colours and contrast edited by Metalfist. Forum link and image download here:-

link to forum topic with improved image (right click and ‘save as’ on the image for full resolution version)

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Latest and final release of the Drakan AiO patch

Ucyborg has released the latest and final version of his Drakan AiO (All in One) patch for the game which is an unofficial patch which fixes many of the game’s bugs including crash to desktop, sound and video problems and more. It even fixes the session creation failed error when playing multiplayer matches. The patch brings the game up to modern standards so it runs better on modern operating systems; Drakan was originally designed for Windows 95/98!

The patch can be downloaded from our downloads page and the forum post which gives much more information on this patch can be found here.

Please drop by our forums and provide feedback if you can & say thanks for his hard work.

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Argonians (Skyrim)

It’s not Drakan related but I came back to playing Skyrim this last week and had a thought – wouldn’t it be great if this game engine was used for a Drakan like game? Yeah, right that will never happen but however Skyrim does have some cool races to play as.. the Argonians. True, they kinda sucked in previous Elder Scrolls games but this time they look great. The vanilla preset faces are not very creative, different, yes but if you play around with the character creation screen you can make some great looking characters.

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Email addresses changed for site team

I have had to change the email addresses for team members due to obscene amounts of spam and some spammer using one email address as a return address for the spam they sent out. This resulted in hundreds of undeliverable email notifications being sent to me along with hate-mail. I don’t want to publish email addresses publicly so if you are trying to email a team member put a ‘1’ after the name e.g old email address, new email address Note the user tom does not exist this is just an example.

Also I have changed the calendar software due to security issues. Currently only I can add new events; if you want an account to post events let me know. You can do this via the form here.

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New game cheat codes & AIO patch release

Ucyborg has found some new console codes for Drakan that were added by the developer but never made public. They are not cheat codes as such but alter some items and characters in the game as they were probably added for testing purposes. One code makes Rynn bigger or smaller for example. More information over on our forums.

Also there is a new version of the Drakan AiO patch (unofficial fan made patch) which fixes the session creation failed error when hosting or joining a multiplayer game. Please look on our downloads page for the link and readme.

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Arokh model for papercraft

Paper model of Arokh with attached wire

A while ago it was mentioned on the forums if it were possible to extract the Arokh model from the game so it can be exported and used in papercraft. Thanks to forum user Metalfist this has now been done so check it out if you fancy making your own paper model of Arokh that you can hang from the ceiling etc. Model size is for A4 paper size but can be scaled up if needed see the info link here

Original forum topic


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News page now members only

Seem as hardly anyone posts anything Drakan related on the front page and I spend more time nowadays deleting spam and bogus registrations I have disabled the ability for anyone to register and post. We do have various anti – spam mods and systems in place but they are not working properly or as well as they should and I don’t know why. I could look into it further but I can’t really be arsed for now. Maybe will sort it out later.

This front news page is only for the Arokh’s Lair team to use and post news and updates – if you want to join the team to post news and would like an account just let me know. If you have already set up an account before I made the change you will still be able to post as normal.

Of course the forum is still open for anyone to join and post so if you are new to this site and would like to discuss the game or need support please visit the forums.

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Multiplayer finally working with Windows Vista / 7

Ucyborg has made a patch that fixes the LOD (Level of Detail) with the game so it is optimised for widescreen resolutions rather than the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original game. Forum topic here The patch also fixes the ‘session creation failed’ error when hosting a multiplayer game. The patch is compatible with all versions of the game official or not including the 10th Anniversary patch so it won’t affect your saves or the ability to only play on certain patched servers.

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Updated multiplayer server list

OK, so there seems to be a problem with Drakan not finding game servers with the built in browser. Could be just me but it seems the game fails to get the available server list from the master server. One of our forum members has let me know he has a 24.7 server running and it does work if you add the IP address manually. Go to join game in the multiplayer screen, click add server and then type the following IP address into the box and press OK. Double click on the new server and enjoy!

IP address of 24/7 server (thelastweyrofdrakan)

IP address of Arokh’s lair server (eve / weekends GMT only)

You can also use this website or this one to see the list of servers currently registered with the gamespy master server. I’d suggest that first as IP addresses are subject to change. Please see earlier posts or visit the forums for up to date information on multi player servers & games. The calendar can also be used to organize matches and games.

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Vote for Drakan on!

There is a wishlist over at good old games which can help to get Drakan: Order of the Flame available as a digital download from It needs way more signatures / comments so if you would like to play this difficult to obtain game please visit and sign the wishlist. There hasn’t been any games like it since; the only thing coming close is Divinity2: The Dragon Knight Saga which I would recommend to fans of the game. You can find the wishlist over at here. As for Steam that seems to be more difficult as they seem to only accept submissions from the developer or publisher.

Please use the facebook ‘like’ buttons, google+ etc below to spread the word!

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