Elder Scrolls online – any Drakan players play this game?

I put a forum post up about seeing if any ex drakan players play ESO and if they would be interested in joining a guild / group so we could adventure together in the world of Tamriel. The post is here  if you want to take a look at the details. I play on the EU server but seem as characters are not transferable between the EU and NA servers two guilds may have to be set up. We will see. For now more information is in the forum post.

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Reo to Obj file converter has been updated

Mathijs Roosen as updated his Reo to Obj converter file used for level editors to extract models from the game and convert them into a more standard workable format. As always the link to the forum post is here  https://arokhslair.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=3930 and the file can be downloaded on the downloads page.

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All in One patch update now out!

The all in one patch update I was talking about on the previous post has now been released. This update mainly provides fixes for the level editor so that it works on modern operating systems and the infamous crashes have been fixed. This is why many gave up making levels for the game as it could only be reliably run on Win 9x systems. Now that has been remedied if you were wanting to make a level series but couldn’t now you can. As always the forum thread is here https://www.arokhslair.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3765 

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Further update to the AiO patch

Another update for the Drakan All in One patch is in the works – this will be of use to you level editors out there who became stuck due to the game engine’s incapability of working on later versions of direct X without crashes, bugs etc making it nearly if not impossible to create levels.

The link to the entire thread is here https://www.arokhslair.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3765

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New fanfiction story! Well not Drakan but Skyrim…

OK so there hasn’t been anything regarding Drakan to post recently and there’s been no new levels, fan art and fanfics submitted for years but I have something from Skyrim that is worth posting. I have been playing this game as an Argonian who you can find on earlier posts as they are a cool race to play as and Skyrim is remotely similar to and much more modern than Drakan.

Anyway there is a great fanfiction centered around an Argonian character which I found and it is a well written emotional story with professional writing. It follows the main story of the game plus a little prequel about the main character’s backstory. It’s currently not finished but there are currently 2 arcs which come to around 300 pages; about the size of an average book. This will be massive epic story when it’s done.

It’s called Dragon of the East and can be found on the below links:-

Inkit fanfiction entry Inkit fanfiction entry

Arcs 1 and 2 complete on fanfiction.net

And finally where all new chapters will be added

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Compatibility with Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10

As some of you know the game does not run in full screen or not at all on Windows 8 and above due to the DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) which cannot be turned off by applications  & games on these operating systems. However there is a program called DGvoodoo which is a ‘virtual’ graphics card based on the 3Dfx Voodoo cards. Ucyborg found this excellent program which, when installed correctly restores full screen and a much improved frame rate. I can confirm the game is now playable on Windows 10.

The forum post is here with all the details:-


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Promotional poster found on ebay

Chapomon found a rare promotional poster on ebay and scanned and touched it up for other Drakan fans to enjoy. The image is the some one that was used at E3 on Psygnosis’s stand when the game was announced at E3 1999. The poster was sent as a promo to various limited game store outlets and most have now been thrown away so this is a very rare find indeed.

The poster was a bit wrinkled but has touched up well and was not printed on glossy paper so has a matte finish. Anyway here it is:-

Thanks Chapomon!



Here’s a reworked version which enhances the colours and contrast edited by Metalfist. Forum link and image download here:-

link to forum topic with improved image (right click and ‘save as’ on the image for full resolution version)

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Argonians (Skyrim)

It’s not Drakan related but I came back to playing Skyrim this last week and had a thought – wouldn’t it be great if this game engine was used for a Drakan like game? Yeah, right that will never happen but however Skyrim does have some cool races to play as.. the Argonians. True, they kinda sucked in previous Elder Scrolls games but this time they look great. The vanilla preset faces are not very creative, different, yes but if you play around with the character creation screen you can make some great looking characters.

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Email addresses changed for site team

I have had to change the email addresses for team members due to obscene amounts of spam and some spammer using one email address as a return address for the spam they sent out. This resulted in hundreds of undeliverable email notifications being sent to me along with hate-mail. I don’t want to publish email addresses publicly so if you are trying to email a team member put a ‘1’ after the name e.g old email address [email protected], new email address [email protected] Note the user tom does not exist this is just an example.

Also I have changed the calendar software due to security issues. Currently only I can add new events; if you want an account to post events let me know. You can do this via the form here.

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New game cheat codes & AIO patch release

Ucyborg has found some new console codes for Drakan that were added by the developer but never made public. They are not cheat codes as such but alter some items and characters in the game as they were probably added for testing purposes. One code makes Rynn bigger or smaller for example. More information over on our forums.

Also there is a new version of the Drakan AiO patch (unofficial fan made patch) which fixes the session creation failed error when hosting or joining a multiplayer game. Please look on our downloads page for the link and readme.

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