Hi new here

Talk about Severance Blade of Darkness modifications and maps here. No tips or tech support questions please, use the forum above. Note that the game is rated 18 so some content may be unsuitable for younger readers.

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Hi new here

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what's up, I am also new to the particular discussion board. Seriously happy to participate this kind of good forums here.

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Welcome DenisMarentisk.
If you haven't already, be sure to check out all the mods and maps. Lots of quality stuff. Just give a yell if you need help.
Enjoy... :D

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This is a spambot - registered loads of times recently. Most spambots have the country as congo, democratic republic of & post to get their links to websites in their profile indexed. Known as link spamming. I just ban them but it seems to be getting more common as they use sophisticated programs that seem to be getting past the antispam / spambot measures on the forum.

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