Severance game speed issue

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Severance game speed issue

Post by Kaepaelae »


I've a question that i haven't found answer from anywhere yet concerning the Severance Blade of darkness. Ok I installed it and nothing worked, then i downloaded the patch and extracted it in the game istallation path. Now the game worked quite normally except a few minor things. Now the main issue is that when i restarted the game and loaded, everything seemed fine but when the game started it's speed had increased so much that it was impossible to control.

I've tried to configure my video gard but nothing seems to help. Even then i suspect that the problem is caused by somekind of compatibility issues.

My specs are:

SiSoftware Sandra

Model : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz
Speed : 2.00GHz
Cores per Processor : 1 Unit(s)
Threads per Core : 1 Unit(s)
Type : Mobile
Internal Data Cache : 32kB, Synchronous, Write-Back, 8-way set, 64 byte line size
L2 On-board Cache : 2MB, ECC, Synchronous, ATC, 8-way set, 64 byte line size, 2 lines per sector

System : Acer, inc. Aspire 1650
Platform Compliance : Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
Mainboard : Acer, Inc. Crane II
Bus(es) : ISA PCI PCIe IMB PCMCIA CardBus USB i2c/SMBus
Multi-Processor (MP) Support : No
Multi-Processor Advanced PIC (APIC) : Yes
System BIOS : Acer 3A33
Total Memory : 2GB DDR2-SDRAM

Chipset 1
Model : Acer Inc 82915PM/GM/GMS, 82910GML Host Bridge
Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 133MHz (532MHz data rate)
Total Memory : 2GB DDR2-SDRAM
Memory Bus Speed : 4x 133MHz (532MHz data rate)

Video System
SiSoftware Sandra

Video Adapter
Chipset : ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300 (0x5460)
RAMDAC : Internal DAC(400MHz)
Video BIOS : BK-ATI VER008.040M.002.000
VGA Compatible : No
Total Memory : 128MB (101MB Video) (502MB System)
Texture Memory : 603MB
Supports DIME Texturing : Yes

PCIe Capabilities
Version : 1.00
Physical Slot Implemented : No
Phantom Functions Support : No
Maximum Payload Size : 128
Width : x16 / x16
Speed : 2.5Gb/s / 2.5Gb/s

Video BIOS
Version : 3S14.853

Current Video Mode
Mode : 1280x800 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit)
Current Refresh Rate : 60Hz
Virtual Desktop Size : 1280x800

Video Driver
Model : ati2mtag.sys
Version :
Expected Windows Version : 4.00
Video Acceleration : Yes
Screen Saver Active : 10 minutes(s)
Screen Saver Name : C:\WINDOWS\system32\es.scr
Low Power Saving Active : No
Power Off Saving Active : No

Supported Video Modes
Mode 0 : 320x200 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 1 : 320x200 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 2 : 320x200 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 3 : 320x200 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 4 : 320x200 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 5 : 320x200 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 6 : 320x240 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 7 : 320x240 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 8 : 320x240 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 9 : 320x240 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 10 : 320x240 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 11 : 320x240 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 12 : 400x300 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 13 : 400x300 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 14 : 400x300 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 15 : 400x300 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 16 : 400x300 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 17 : 400x300 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 18 : 512x384 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 19 : 512x384 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 20 : 512x384 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 21 : 512x384 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 22 : 512x384 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 23 : 512x384 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 24 : 640x400 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 25 : 640x400 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 26 : 640x400 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 27 : 640x400 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 28 : 640x400 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 29 : 640x400 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 30 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 31 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 72Hz
Mode 32 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 33 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 85Hz
Mode 34 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 90Hz
Mode 35 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 100Hz
Mode 36 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 120Hz
Mode 37 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 160Hz
Mode 38 : 640x480 256 colours (8-bit) 200Hz
Mode 39 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 40 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 72Hz
Mode 41 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 42 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 85Hz
Mode 43 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 90Hz
Mode 44 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 100Hz
Mode 45 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 120Hz
Mode 46 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 160Hz
Mode 47 : 640x480 64K HiColour (16-bit) 200Hz
Mode 48 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 49 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 72Hz
Mode 50 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 51 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 85Hz
Mode 52 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 90Hz
Mode 53 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 100Hz
Mode 54 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 120Hz
Mode 55 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 160Hz
Mode 56 : 640x480 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 200Hz
Mode 57 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 58 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 70Hz
Mode 59 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 72Hz
Mode 60 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 61 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 85Hz
Mode 62 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 90Hz
Mode 63 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 100Hz
Mode 64 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 120Hz
Mode 65 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 160Hz
Mode 66 : 800x600 256 colours (8-bit) 200Hz
Mode 67 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 68 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 70Hz
Mode 69 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 72Hz
Mode 70 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 71 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 85Hz
Mode 72 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 90Hz
Mode 73 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 100Hz
Mode 74 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 120Hz
Mode 75 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 160Hz
Mode 76 : 800x600 64K HiColour (16-bit) 200Hz
Mode 77 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 78 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 70Hz
Mode 79 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 72Hz
Mode 80 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 81 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 85Hz
Mode 82 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 90Hz
Mode 83 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 100Hz
Mode 84 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 120Hz
Mode 85 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 160Hz
Mode 86 : 800x600 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 200Hz
Mode 87 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 88 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 70Hz
Mode 89 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 72Hz
Mode 90 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 75Hz
Mode 91 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 85Hz
Mode 92 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 90Hz
Mode 93 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 100Hz
Mode 94 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 120Hz
Mode 95 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 150Hz
Mode 96 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 160Hz
Mode 97 : 1024x768 256 colours (8-bit) 200Hz
Mode 98 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 99 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 70Hz
Mode 100 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 72Hz
Mode 101 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 75Hz
Mode 102 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 85Hz
Mode 103 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 90Hz
Mode 104 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 100Hz
Mode 105 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 120Hz
Mode 106 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 150Hz
Mode 107 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 160Hz
Mode 108 : 1024x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 200Hz
Mode 109 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 110 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 70Hz
Mode 111 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 72Hz
Mode 112 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 75Hz
Mode 113 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 85Hz
Mode 114 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 90Hz
Mode 115 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 100Hz
Mode 116 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 120Hz
Mode 117 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 150Hz
Mode 118 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 160Hz
Mode 119 : 1024x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 200Hz
Mode 120 : 1280x768 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 121 : 1280x768 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 122 : 1280x768 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 123 : 1280x800 256 colours (8-bit) 60Hz
Mode 124 : 1280x800 64K HiColour (16-bit) 60Hz
Mode 125 : 1280x800 16M+ TrueColour (32-bit) 60Hz
Mode 126 : 640x480 16 colours (4-bit)
Mode 127 : 800x600 16 colours (4-bit)

Enhanced Video Settings
Animation Effects Enabled : Yes
Full Windows Drag Enabled : Yes
Font Smoothing Enabled : Yes
HighContrast Feature On : No

Device Mode Characteristics
Physical Medium Width : 320 mm, 13 in
Physical Medium Height : 240 mm, 9 in
Recommended CRT/Panel Size : 20 in
Horizontal/Vertical Resolution : 96x96 dpi
Colour Bits/Planes : 32 / 1 bit(s) pp
Brushes : 4294967295
Pens : 4294967295
Colours/Shades : 4294967295
Pixel Width/Height/Diagonal : 36 / 36 / 51

Driver Clipping Capabilities
Can Clip Output to Rectangle : Yes
Can Clip Output to Region : No

Driver Raster Capabilities
Supports Banding : No
Supports Fonts Larger than 64Kb : Yes
Can Transfer Bitmaps : Yes
Supports Bitmaps Larger than 64Kb : Yes
Supports Device Bitmaps : No
Supports DIBs : Yes
DIBs on Device Surface : Yes
Flood Fills : Yes
Supports Windows 2.x : Yes
Stretch/Compress Bitmaps : Yes
Stretch/Compress DIBs : Yes
Supports Scaling : No
Palette-Based Device : No
Saves Bitmap Locally : No

Driver Curve Capabilities
Can Draw Circles : Yes
Can Draw Ellipses : Yes
Can Draw Pie Wedges : Yes
Can Draw Chord Arcs : Yes
Can Draw Wide Borders : Yes
Can Draw Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Rounded Rectangles : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Line Capabilities
Can Draw Polylines : Yes
Can Draw Styled Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Lines : Yes
Can Draw Markers : Yes
Can Draw Polymarkers : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Polygonal Capabilities
Can Draw Alternate-fill Polygons : Yes
Can Draw Winding-fill Polygons : Yes
Can Draw Rectangles : Yes
Can Draw Scan Lines : Yes
Can Draw Wide Borders : Yes
Can Draw Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Wide, Styled Borders : Yes
Can Draw Interiors : Yes

Driver Text Capabilities
Supports Stroke Clip Precision : Yes
Supports Stroke Output Precision : Yes
Supports Character Output Precision : Yes
Supports 90° Character Rotation : No
Supports Any Angle Character Rotation : No
Supports Independent X-Y Scaling : No
Supports Doubled Character for Scaling : No
Supports Integer Multiples for Scaling : No
Any Multiples for Exact Scaling : No
Can Draw Double-Weighted Characters : No
Can Italicise : No
Can Underline : Yes
Can Draw Strikeouts : Yes
Can Draw Raster Fonts : Yes
Can Draw Vector Fonts : Yes
Cannot Scroll Using BitBlt : No

Performance Tips
Tip 319 : A refresh rate of at least 75Hz is recommended. Increase it if possible.
Tip 322 : Turn off screen savers. Use the monitor power saving mode.
Tip 323 : Remove the desktop wallpaper to save memory and improve performance.
Tip 2 : Double-click tip or press Enter while a tip is selected for more information about the tip.

Physical Storage Devices
ST9100822A (ATA) : 93GB (C:)
QSI DVD+-RW SDW-082 (ATAPI) : N/A (D:)
JO7305V DMM055D (SCSI) : N/A (F:)
JO7305V DMM055D (SCSI) : N/A (E:)

Logical Storage Devices
Hard Disk (C:) : 89GB (9.1GB, 10% Free Space) (NTFS) @ ST9100822A (ATA)
CD-ROM/DVD (F:) : N/A @ JO7305V DMM055D (SCSI)
CD-ROM/DVD (E:) : N/A @ JO7305V DMM055D (SCSI)

USB Controller/Hub : Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 2658
USB Controller/Hub : Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 2659
USB Controller/Hub : Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 265A
USB Controller/Hub : Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB Universal Host Controller - 265B
USB Controller/Hub : Intel(R) 82801FB/FBM USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 265C
USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub
USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub
USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub
USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub
USB Controller/Hub : USB Root Hub
USB Controller/Hub : USB Composite Device
PCMCIA/CardBus Controller : Generic CardBus Controller
Keyboard : Standardi 101/102-näppäiminen tai Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
Keyboard : HID Keyboard Device
Mouse : Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Mouse : HID-yhteensopiva hiiri
Human Interface : HID-compliant consumer control device
Human Interface : HID-compliant consumer control device
Human Interface : HID-yhteensopiva laite
Human Interface : USB Human Interface Device
Human Interface : USB Human Interface Device

MultiMedia Device(s)
Device : Conexant AC-Link Audio

Printers and Faxes
Model : Send To OneNote 2007

Power Management
Mains (AC) Line Status : On-Line
Battery No 1 : 100%

Operating System(s)
Windows System : Microsoft Windows XP (2002) Professional 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 2)
Platform Compliance : Win32 x86

Network Services
Adapter : Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller

If anyone know anything about this problem please share your knowledge!!

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Post by Vasja »

A very good towel ! DirectX version ? DirectX also can be
tuned up.
You might just write - "I have got a notebook".
Abnormal game speed happens with notebooks. Some note-
book mode has got to be set to get a normal speed.
At first - turn vertical sync on your videocard on.
Who can tell more ? All notebooks have liquid crystals
display, its driver is different, comparing to the
kinescope display one. Is it the main reason ?

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Post by prospero »

Hi and welcome Kaepaelae.[8D]

You could try this, which may or may not work...

Look in the Severance/Bin folder for Blade.exe

Right-click -> Properties -> Compatability tab

tick the box "Run This Program in Compatabilty Made for" and pick
Windows 98/ME

Click Apply and try it then.

Pleeze let us know the outcome.[8)]

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Post by Kaepaelae »

Right, i forget to mention directx. I have the newest version of directx which is 9.0c for winXP and i also did all the tests succesfully so there doesn't seem to be any problem with directx. Then you mentioned about the vsync. I cannot find any kind of option where i could switch vsync on or off. All i can do is adjust opengl and direct3d settings but cannot switch off neither of them.
I also tried to change between different compatibility modes but it didn't have any effect on the game. Still the weirdest thing about this whole problem is that the game worked fine first time i opened it but with the second time something happened that changed game speed. Maybe i just should remove all ati drivers and utilities and try then.
There is actually new drivers for my videocard which makes configuring vsync possible but insallation prompts that this 'doesn't support my pc manufacturer' and there's no newer drivers in manufacturers homepage so i'm a bit trapped here.

Of course there is one option left. I could reinstall the game and play it as long as i can 'cause that might be the case even if the game would've worked in the first place.

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Post by Vasja »

Look at this -,12044850
I always prefer to use a special tuner utility to set
up a videocard. Perhaps the best is Riva Tuner -
(not sure, if it would be applied to notebooks)
A notebook is a toy.
Notebooks operational system may apply registry settings
for every exe file it launches. OS keeps data how to la-
unch this exe module and handle its work. Some user tasks-
exe modules may run in foreground, others in background,
some eats all CPU qauntum time, some may run at power suspended
mode. These notebook jokes are bound with power saving mode,
notebook does eat from accumulator. So, it is possible, that
OS simply changes (or doesn't change) some modes for your
Blade.exe start .

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Post by Kaepaelae »

Those were very good links you posted and thanks to them for a while i thought that the game works fine but something happaned again even thought i didn't change any settings and i just just can't see what is the problem. Maybe i'll try this game again when i've got proper pc. But thanks anyway for help!!

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Post by caravel »

Please enable (force) vsync in your graphics card's control panel. This should solve the problem by locking the framerate to the vertical refresh.

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Post by Rhudok »

Yeah, this happens on my little brothers laptop. It's a bit surreal, but if you get used to it, it's pretty sweet. it means when you get the game running at normal speed, you can dish out more damage =P

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Post by bob »

Hy,i had the same problem with BoD on my notebook,the game ran too fast...I tried to set up my processor and video card,turned on vsync but nothing...The problem can be solved by selecting the "always on" option in power options from control least that worked for me :)

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