Just look at this.

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Just look at this.

Post by Nihilist_Militant »

Greetings, warriors.

This is clips from stream on twitch.

https://clips.twitch.tv/NeighborlyApath ... aFUNgineer - something happened in this battle.



No cheats, no mods, just clean game with 3dfx raster and dgvoodoo 2. Game start makes teleport points at cliffs, when level start and you climb on first cliff you will teleport to nowhere, then after loading level, this first cliff is A-point (like blue and orange portals in Portal game), and when you climb to another cliff you are teleport to first, if you climb to first you teleport to second. Only exit from game fix this, and i had tried made this teleports again, but nothing.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/532771917 - full video, portals start from the 25th minute. (sorry for bad english)

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Re: Just look at this.

Post by MBK_MBK »

I had never seen anything like that in BoD. :shock: :?
It may be due to unknown conflicts in the code or graphic mode. :idea:

It seems like if Debug mode is used to change the character's coordinates, with the "key positions"...
Or maybe, due to so much jumping, did the barbarian go crazy? :lol: I am not sure.

Greetings. :)
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Re: Just look at this.

Post by Crust »

I couldn't focus due to your lack of sword skills. You almost got your ass handed to you by that little orc!

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