Please read before asking for help

Discuss Drakan: Order of the Flame with fellow players and post any technical problems here where an 'unofficial' support team will try and help you. Gameplay help questions can go here too.
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Please read before asking for help

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Many of the common issues with Drakan have been asked several times before and have been answered in these forums in several topics. Please use the search facility to find what you are looking for as your question may have already been answered. This will be beneficial to you as we cannot always reply to support queries the same day.

Secondly, please remember that support for the game is provided as-is by fans of the game, in no way is any information provided official and is no way supported by either Sony Computer Entertainment or Surreal Software. Information we give is given free of charge; we do not make any money from supporting the game - it is done at our leisure so therefore you may not get a response the same day.

Please do not be offended if you do not get a response or get a response you are not happy with. We do attempt to answer all questions if we know how to answer them. We are aware the games contain bugs & glitches and we are not responsible for your game being ruined because of them especially for the PS2 version as these bugs cannot be corrected. We can however help you avoid them.

Thirdly please also remember that the cost of running this website and forum is at my expense - adverts revenue does even come close to covering the cost of the server hosting. All our moderator team members have full time jobs and the website is only a secondary thing which we get to as and when we get time.
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