Disable weapons breaking when parrying?

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Disable weapons breaking when parrying?

Post by Buckyohare »

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knew of a mod (or how to change the code somewhere) to prevent weapons breaking when parrying attacks.

I have been playing as a barb, and it's frustrating not being able to parry attacks without the fear of your weapon breaking, as the barb weapons are few and far between.

Thanks for your advice.

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Re: Disable weapons breaking when parrying?

Post by Tomash »

Find function Damage.BreakMySword which looks like:

def BreakMySword(EntityName):
if me.InvRight<>"":
Actions.Stop_Weapon (EntityName,"Stop_Weapon")
if Breakings.ExplodeSpecialObject ( me.InvRight , 24000.0)==1:
if Reference.EntitiesObjectData.has_key(me.InvRight):
del Reference.EntitiesObjectData[me.InvRight]
DropInvalidObjectsOnImpact (EntityName)
if me.Data.NPC:
me.Data.ResetCombat (EntityName)

Make it look like:

def BreakMySword(EntityName):
print "no more breaks"
#if me.InvRight<>"":
#Actions.Stop_Weapon (EntityName,"Stop_Weapon")
#if Breakings.ExplodeSpecialObject ( me.InvRight , 24000.0)==1:
#if Reference.EntitiesObjectData.has_key(me.InvRight):
#del Reference.EntitiesObjectData[me.InvRight]
#DropInvalidObjectsOnImpact (EntityName)
#if me.Data.NPC:
#me.Data.ResetCombat (EntityName)

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Re: Disable weapons breaking when parrying?

Post by prospero »

You could edit the tables in Reference.py.

DefaultObjectData['Chaosword']= [OBJ_WEAPON, 5, 0, 2.0, THR_STRAIGHT, [W_FLAG_2W,PI,2000,750,100,100,GolpeArmaEscudoMetal]]

If you change the brk data in the last number (in this case 100 I have highlighted in purple) to 0 you may find the sword will become unbreakable.
I say 'may find' because I'm half-guessing. :roll:

You'll have to do the same to all other weapons you want unbreakable, but I think it's easier than trying to hook into functions.

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