Arok refuses to fly

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Arok refuses to fly

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Hi all

Played this as a kid with my dad and picked it up to play again for nostalgia

Got all the way to right as you enter shiverbane and as i leave the cave and get ambushed by a few half men a d black dragons Arok has decided he will not fly even though we are in open space.

Jumping off to attack him, running away to call him, turning around and walking back through the cave to the portal area... nothing works .

Any ideas on how to get him to fly again? I want to complete this game but honestly dunno if I can be bothered to start over.

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Re: Arok refuses to fly

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Hi do you have the USA version of the game or the EU / Australian version as the USA version has a known bug with that area believed to be caused by dismounting Arokh too near the cave exit and the invisible ceiling prevents him from flying. It should let you mount him, walk forward and then fly though. Some players have said going back through the cave to Ravenshold and back again several times fixes it as this causes a reload of the game assets and levels. It was fixed in the EU / AUS version.

Due to the size of the save game files many players just keep one save. When was your last save game?

Also are you playing on a PS2 console or a PC with the PCSX2 emulator?
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