Thanks for the site!

Discuss Drakan: Order of the Flame with fellow players and post any technical problems here where an 'unofficial' support team will try and help you. Gameplay help questions can go here too.
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Thanks for the site!

Post by VdBanshee »

Hello, I just registered to say thanks for the website. I downloaded levels, the walkthroughs and fanfiction :)
It is great that there are still people who care for the game.

Drakan OOTF was the first game I played back then when I got my Voodoo Banshee graphics card in 1999 or 2000.
And I was blown away :shock: Gameplay wise the seamless transition between the overworld and dungeons was
cool. The soundtrack is very good. And fire weapons^^

Sadly i never finished the game (I remember meeting some harpys). But this time I will make it,
although on easy difficulty, mainly because I just want to see the everything. Afterwards then maybe the Ancient Gates.

It is sad that this site will be gone but it is understandable. All good things have to end.
See you Dragonriders!

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Re: Thanks for the site!

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Hi there, good to see you like the site and are still enjoying the game. As for the site's future, I'm going to renew the domain for another year then perhaps move it to my personal webspace.
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