No Armor Runthrough

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No Armor Runthrough

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Finished up my Quest of Fire and Ice. To my surprise I didn't need to use any armor this time through. I was able to use just fire and ice until I got to Stratos. I couldn't get past the hoards of Undead in the level. They were to too many at a time and too fast for just fire and ice. At least for me anyway. Another surprise was it turned out to be a whole new gaming experience this time through.

It was a game of two extremes. You had to move slowly and then strike in a flash. It forced a thief style of play which I found was something new about the gameplay. You can't play the strong, aggresive hero type. In this style of play you have to gain info by peeping around corners, choosing your weapons and strategy carefully for the maximum effect. With no armor you had to accurately locate the enemies first because a surprise was usually fatal. Don't forget to plan an escape route either if plan A goes downhill. You even need to 'tip-toe' Arohk around the skies of Stratos. In a nutshell it was sneak, plan, explode! It was certainly something completely different, just as I'd hoped.

The plus side is that you're able to carry more equipment at the later levels. I played as 7 archer, 3 mele, and 3 magic. With the extra space I could have more bows than normal. If you play with 8 mele points you could have more two handed weapons along too. I plan to go back later and try the 8 mele style the next time.

Instead of armor I used Timeslow to tip the odds a bit more to my side. Clone is a handy spell too. The Flaming Sword with Timeslow was my favorite attack. I left many sizzling corpses on the floor with it. I had to have it repaired twice and carried it with me all the way through. If I used a bow I would have it slotted as my secondary weapon. If I was low on health and worried about the splash damage some bows have, it could be brought out quickly. Good insurance if an enemy was getting too close for comfort.

If you're looking for a new gaming style you should try a no armor runthrough. Think of it as a new game to play, both familiar and different.

Things I had fun with:

Tick or Skeletal Touch with Timeslow. Fill up your health meter. Bring on the crowds!

Bitter Touch and Timeslow. Chop a Giant to pieces. He won't kill you when he falls. Target the left heel and turn, turn, turn. The Achilles maneuver.

Clone and backstab. A one chop solution.

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