Drakan: TAG Upscaled Textures Project

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Drakan: TAG Upscaled Textures Project

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Recently, I've been going through old PS2 games, looking for secrets and searching for leftover content or Easter eggs. This has led me to replay Drakan, and while checking through the files, I haven't found anything interesting yet, other than some references to debug features. I have been enjoying it again after so many years.

While playing, I've been ripping the textures using the PCSX2 emulator and started to upscale the textures. So far, I've been able to upscale Sultana, Shadowmare, Andrellian, Reavensrock, and most of the weapons up to that point. I will eventually have a video going up with better comparison shots. I did have to trim the shots to show here, but for now, I just have weapons and the UI as I figure out the forums. Most of the changes are minor, with some textures just looking sharper.
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Re: Drakan: TAG Upscaled Textures Project

Post by Melber »

That's an interesting idea, how is the work progressing?
Can this be applied to the game data itself on the burned disc? Or only for emulation?
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