Drakan won't install

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Drakan won't install

Post by frag100 »

Hello all. First time here. Hoping for a solution to my Drakan issue. Game won't install on Alienware M17xR4, 64bit, Win 7 laptop... all hardware/software updated as of this thread. Tried installing from cd as well as from hd by pulling contents off cd to desktop. Same thing happens both times... double-click autorun. Drakan dialog box appears. Click install. Nothing happens. No flashing, busy hd lights. No hourglass cursor. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...


Re: Drakan won't install

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Install problem fixed. Hope to see you all online.


Re: Drakan won't install

Post by IppSwitch »


How were you able to fix the issue?

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Re: Drakan won't install

Post by UCyborg »

I know this will sound very random, but after you click Install and nothing happens, open the Task Manager and see if there is any process called rundll32.exe running. If there is, end it, it may get the installer running.
UCyborg wrote:If all else fails, you can download Universal Extractor and use it to extract file data1.cab, which is located in Setup folder on Drakan CD. Then, download 445 Patch from here, unzip it, and use Universal Extractor to extract data1.cab, but don't extract it to the same folder as you did with CD's data1.cab. It throws some error if you do. When that's done, move contents of the folder in which you have extracted the patch data1.cab to the folder where you have the game and say yes when it asks you if you want to overwrite/replace some folders/files. Now you should have fresh installation of Drakan patched to version 445. Finally, you can install AiO Patch from here which further improves the game by eliminating some of bugs and adding support for wide displays.
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Re: Drakan won't install

Post by Greyh0und »

I had to search for the generic "setup.exe does nothing" to find the following video video, that tell you to use Task Manager, go to Details tab, go to setup.exe and right-click, then "Analyse wait chain" to see if a program is blocking the execution of setup.exe.

For me it was Windows Powertoys on Windows 10.


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Re: Drakan won't install

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That's great info, thanks. It seems a number of programs can cause this issue the most common being the Nvidia drivers.
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