BuXXes Drakan Modding Tools (DB Reader / Blender Scripts)

Anything to do with Drakan level editing and modifications, post it here! Also this is the place to tell us about your new levels and get player feedback.
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BuXXes Drakan Modding Tools (DB Reader / Blender Scripts)

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BuXXes Drakan Modding Tools
(DB Reader / Blender Scripts)

This is a collection of modding tools for Drakan Order of the Flame. If you encounter problems please write in Discord (fast response) or the forum (might take longer).

  • can only be opened and not yet exported as .rea
  • you may already look at the animation data in the web console
  • .rec files can be exported including skeleton and cap polygons (dismemberment)
  • only highest LOD model is shown (If anyone really wants the other LODs write a message and Iimplement the feature)
  • export compressed / uncompressed .wav files
.txd Blender scripts
  • Tested on Blender 2.72
  • just give it a try but I will probably write a short tutorial on how to use it correctly.
(18.15 KiB) Downloaded 1007 times
(527.47 KiB) Downloaded 1130 times
Blender Texturing Tutorial.rar
(957.5 KiB) Downloaded 1077 times
(362.94 KiB) Downloaded 1158 times

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