Drakan MP Tournaments and Historical MP Matches

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Drakan MP Tournaments and Historical MP Matches

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Welcome. As some of you know, I had an idea for making Drakan Tournament 2021, it is really good to save somewhere results of that Tournament that just finished, but also save results of old historical MP matches, so if some of you have some historical information about such matches, let me know so I'll edit this post. I'd prefer to make it in text form just in case someone will try to find results using a search engine for example. I have results saved in Excel Sheet, so I'll also consider posting them somewhere if someone wants to check more information about results.

Drakan Tournament 2021
Participants: Jav95 , Yeltas , Teekus ,CheeseAndCrackers, Borsuczci and YanGez

Tournament description: In this tournament we played for 3 emerging titles, Drakan Tournament, Ground and Air maps Champion titles. There were 2 Championship for Ground maps title and Air maps titles(this one includes 2 air maps and 1 QoD(Queen of Death map). For getting 1st place there was 4 points, for 2rd place 3 points, 3th place 2 points and for participation 1 points(I decided that it should increase interest for participation in Drakan Tournament, so just by playing there was point for free)

Drakan Tournament Champion: Jav95
Ground Maps Champion :Jav95
Air and QoD Maps Champion : YanGez

Maps: Relic,Hill of Fire,Sanctuary,Nemesis,Fortress and Rise to Power

Overall Table including gained points during Tournament
Jav95: 20
Yeltas: 17
YanGez: 17
Teekus: 3
Borsuczci: 3
CheeseAndCrackers: 2

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