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Drakan: The Order Reborn



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The unique story about a young female warrior who awakens a sleeping dragon that was once part of a long lost age many centuries ago. The story follows their developing friendship as they venture on a quest to defeat the evil forces that have invaded the land and to restore world order. The story closely follows the events of the PC and PS2 games but however some parts have been added and / or removed to make it more like a story about a real world where dragons and humans co-exist rather than a game. A few people from the Drakan community have contributed to and written large sections of this story who are detailed in the credits below.


Credits: -

Arokh’s Twin (main writer and editor)

Assassin (writer)

Dark Master (Suggestions and help)

The Darklord (writer)

UltaHolyDragon (writer)

Draco (writer)

ErugeBoren (writer)

Nin (writer)

Orcanos (writer)


And of course, Sony Computer Entertainment, Psygnosis and Surreal Software who made the games and the world of Drakan possible.  

Please note, before continuing, this story contains fantasy violence and descriptions of human suffering and torture. There are also a few sexual references and some bad language but there is nothing that is explicit or contains foul language. Hence the story is only suitable for mature readers and should not be read by younger readers. The story does have some humour in it to lighten the fantasy violent theme especially the comments between the human and dragon deeper into the story when their relationship is more developed. A few moments that should bring a smile to people's lips.

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Chapter One: Ruined Village

Chapter Two: The Awakening of a Legend

Chapter Three: Wartock Canyons

Chapter Four: Grimstone Mines

Chapter Five: Snowy Grotto

Chapter Six: The Eastern Archipelago

Chapter Seven: Ruins of Alwarren

Chapter Eight: Test of the Tower

Chapter Nine: A Little too Late?

Chapter Ten: Volcano of Death

Chapter Eleven: New Worlds

Chapter Twelve: Strange Voices (Start of Drakan: TAG)

Chapter Thirteen: The Beginning of a New Adventure

Chapter Fourteen: The Swamp of Peril

Chapter Fifteen: The Bringing back of the Dead

Chapter Sixteen: Unexpected Weather

Chapter Seventeen: Treading on unfamiliar Ground

Chapter Eighteen: Enemy Unknown

Chapter Nineteen: Imprisoned!

Chapter Twenty: Trouble at the Palace

Chapter Twenty One: A Familiar Place

Chapter Twenty Two: Double Dragon

Chapter Twenty Three: Enemy at the Gates




"Rynn, over here! I've found it!" exclaimed Delon excitedly. His older sister, Rynn came over to where the young boy was examining a short blade. She ruffled his hair and went to take the blade from him. "Well done, Delon. It was well hidden, I'm surprised you found it amongst all those stones."
Delon smiled back and together they exited the small cave by the path side and began their journey back to their village. It was already dark and the air was becoming chilly; the pair was only wearing thin leather tunics, as it was surprisingly mild for that time of the year.

Looking up at the sky, two of Drakan's four moons were visible which were slowly being obscured by cloud. Their light weak but enough to enable the woman and her brother to find their way around.
"I wonder if we will see snow this week" Rynn suggested pulling her tunic tighter as the cold mountain air sent shivers down her spine. Wind rustled gently through the nearby pine trees as the distant storm came closer adding to the already dropping temperature.

"I hope so" Delon answered just as a distant Wartock war cry could be heard echoing through the winding valley.
"Wartocks!" Rynn hissed glancing up the path which led further into the mountains. "Come on, we had better get going and get you to bed" she continued absently kicking a stone at a pile of rocks.

The pair continued downwards on the winding mountain path that led back to their village, the only one for 20 miles and supposedly once the former hometown of the legendary warrior Heron and his bonded dragon, Arokh. That is if one were to believe that sort of thing; Rynn was very sceptical about the Order and never paid attention to the legends and stories that accompanied it.
The chimney stacks of some houses were just visible as they neared the eastern end of the village.
"Wasn't it great when I found the blade? I mean Atimar will be pleased that we have found it again! Delon said with excitement.
"I think Atimar is running out of places to hide it, you are getting too good" his sister answered with a smile.
"Yeah, maybe ill make a good hunter one day! Oh-Oh!" He stopped short in mid conversation, the path ahead suddenly blocked by a group of Orcs led by a pair of Wartocks.

The Orcs immediately went into an attack position; their leader giving out a loud war cry and they quickly advanced on the two humans taking them by surprise.
"Quick, get behind me!" Rynn commanded as she drew her sword just in time to block an attack from one of the group. She swung the sword around in an arc slicing the creature in the arm, which howled in agony dropping his weapon. His companion tried to take a swing at Rynn with his axe but she darted out of the way and spun round behind him just as two more came in. With one sweep of her sword, she decapitated the two orcs stood in front of her but the wounded Orc came up behind her and knocked her down to the ground with his club grinning triumphantly.

Taking her sword and leaving Rynn for dead, the remaining troops surrounded Delon and took him away screaming and kicking in protest.
Rynn's vision went hazy and she blacked out....



Chapter One: Ruined Village

Rynn got to her feet slowly and winced in pain as she put her left foot onto the ground. Looking down, she could see no wounds but it still hurt her to put her full weight onto it. Glancing up into the sky, she could see that the cloud had disappeared unveiling a jet-black sky illuminated only by the countless stars and the twin moons. She yawned and figured by the position of the moons she must have been out for at least a few hours.
"Delon!" she shouted suddenly hoping that her brother would reply.
He did not.
Rynn briefly looked around the area where she and her brother were ambushed only a short time ago hoping that she wouldn't find him dead but half-hoping she would find him injured; health vials can cure any ailment except severed limbs. Suddenly she spotted something shiny in the grass.
Atimar's Blade! She hurriedly picked up the blade and began to make her way back to the village calling Delon's name as she went.

As Rynn neared the village she could see something was horribly wrong. Half the houses were burnt to the ground and some were demolished, no one was to be seen. After the initial shock, she began to run towards the village square beyond which her home lay near the coast. "Delon!!!" she shouted again, hoping to hear his voice but it was fruitless. It soon became obvious that everyone was either dead or missing; the village was littered with mutilated corpses at every turn. Seemingly no-one had been spared.


"Why?" she cried to herself as she saw her neighbour impaled on a spear; his lower body completely missing. Again she shouted for Delon but there was no reply.
"Rynn! Over here, quick" a hoarse voice unexpectedly sounded from nearby.
A survivor! Rynn swivelled round on the heel of her foot to see Atimar lying by a house with a spear though his shoulder and obviously in a lot of pain. Although not related, Atimar was like an uncle to Rynn and Delon since the death of their parents when Rynn was twelve years old. He had since took care of them both and Delon always enjoyed reading the lore and history of Drakan especially seem as the village was once the home of Heron. Rynn thought the legends of the Order were just silly stories and never believed that anyone could bond with a Dragon but she never told this to Atimar, as she did not want to insult him. Atimar was a firm believer of the Order and taught the myth to the village people during his Sunday service in the temple.

Rynn's face fell when she saw the sight of her injured friend and she hurried over to him ignoring her pain and knelt down at his side so that he did not have to raise his head to look at her.
"My God Atimar! What happened?!" she exclaimed.
"Wartocks, led by a Dark Knight" he coughed and continued "Took all of the children including Delon... unspeakable evil"
"What have we done to cause this outrage?" Rynn said furiously.
"This is no ordinary Wartock raid, Rynn" Atimar said gravely with pain in his voice. His old wrinkled face expressionless and blank; the face of a dying man. "Its something far more dangerous and is a threat to humanity. Only the Order can save us from this evil" He coughed and slumped over slightly.
"That's a myth... Isn't it?" she asked.
Atimar did not reply but shook his head slowly.
"You need the book.... Cough... get it from my home... the book of the Order. You need the key to get into my house... An Orc stole it... I last saw him heading towards the tavern."
"The book you always take with you to service?" Rynn replied, remembering the green book the old man always carried with him.
"Yes, look, listen Rynn... I don't have much longer to live... cough.. Take the book to the temple and place it on the altar... You will...." Atimar's voice faded as he drew his last breath and collapsed onto the stone steps.
"NO!" cried Rynn "Don't worry Atimar, I will avenge this at all costs and I will not stop until each one of those filthy beasts lay dead" she shouted raising the blade she held into the air.

Rynn looked around the village, a scavenger hissed nearby. She quickly ran into a nearby house to take this in. Could the Order really have existed? What is important about the book? What is this thing that 'I will see'?
All of these questions went through her mind. She glanced around the dark room and sat down on a nearby chair to take the weight off her foot. The small house was partially collapsed at one end and the embers of the fire had spilled burning the floor into a blackened mess fortunately burning out before the fire could fully take hold and destroy the rest of the property. A human arm lay to one side where it had been torn off at the shoulder and blood was splattered across the wall. The rest of the body was nowhere to be seen. Rynn shuddered with horror at the sight and glanced around the room and up at the cupboards which still clung to the wall, appearing to be untouched by the looters. As she investigated, she came across some pain killing herbs and crushed them with a mortar and pestle found nearby. Rynn quickly mixed them with some water and drank the bitter solution down hoping it would help cure the pain in her foot as she didn’t want to be slowed down in battle. She realised the first thing she needed now was a weapon as Atimar's blade was not much use against an adult Wartock. Leaving the house, she turned towards the path that led to her home.
Ill be back to bury you my friend" she said to Atimar's body as she passed him.

An angry bellow sounded as a nearby Orc spotted Rynn, he was the one who had killed Atimar and was sat nearby overhearing the recent conversation. Rynn lunged at him with the dagger but it did minimal damage "How could have Atimar used this thing if he were attacked?" she grunted to herself as she ducked to miss a blow aimed at her head.
She lunged upwards catching the Orc in the throat and stumbling back, choking with blood it made a final swing at Rynn hitting her in the side.
"Damn!" she shouted as the pain hit her. She needed to get to her house quickly... it was only just down the road but the path was blocked by burning carts which were used to move supplies around the village. Carefully making her way down to and picking her way around the burning blockade she was partly overjoyed to see her house still intact and not aflame. Across from her home were a group of three Orcs smashing down the door of the opposite house and shortly after came human screams then silence. Rynn felt suddenly sick. No point in killing them yet, she would have her chance in a few moments. At least that's what she thought.

Opening the door to her house, Rynn was dismayed and angry to find it looted; nothing was left apart from broken furniture and her belongings. The weapons she had gained over the years were, of course, missing. Smashed crockery lay strewn on the floor and the remains of her food supply for the next week half eaten and squashed over the floor. The embers of the fire in the tiny one roomed house still burned at the far end from when she lit it before treasure hunting with Delon and the room was still warm. Like the majority of the other houses in the village, her home was stone built with a pointed thatched roof and had an upper floor covering most of the lower room. This small area served as a storage and sleeping area and Rynn climbed the short wooden ladder to see what she could salvage from her belongings, but as she half expected, there was nothing.

"Those creatures have even had a free meal, they've taken everything!" she said out aloud bending down to stand up a toppled over barrel.
Hearing the group of orcs that were across from the street coming closer, she ran out of the house hoping to miss them but ran straight into their leader who jumped back in surprise. Taking advantage of this, Rynn lunged at him but missed. She tried to circle around him but suddenly the ground gave way under her feet; she was near the edge of the short cliff leading to the sea below.

Rynn slid down in the mud and rolled over out of control until she eventually came to a stop on the rocks below. Groaning in pain she looked up at the three Orcs who were jeering and waving their spears in the air.
She ignored them "
Ill get you later" she thought to herself as she picked herself up. She peered into the darkness; something shiny caught her eye. Could it be? Yes, it was a sword of some description.
She slowly made it over to the protruding rock and picked up the blade.
"Mithril" She said to herself as she rubbed her hand over the back of the ancient sword.
Mithril is a strong metal, which does not rust and is known for its armour piercing properties, useful against Wartocks who generally wear thick armour. It was a good start for Rynn and she searched around the area and came across a male skeleton, obviously a warrior or pirate who had met a sticky end on the rocks. The seas around this land are littered with shipwrecks and sometimes their treasure is washed up on the rocks - a valuable income for the small village.

Picking up the two undamaged health potions that were found in a nearby supply crate, she drank one and put the other into her backpack and swam across the bay to search for more items washed up on the shore. The sea was very cold and she was beginning to shiver horribly from the thermal shock.

Rynn swam up to a little alcove and dragged herself up onto the rocks avoiding the sharp debris of an unfortunate ship that had been smashed during bad weather. Looking around she found a rusty old axe and looking it over, added it to her collection.
A large cave suddenly caught her eye, which led under the village. Rynn had never noticed this cave before as it could only be seen from the sea during low tide. Finding no other way to get back to the cliff top, she entered and peered around cautiously, hoping that there was some way out at the other side, she did not fancy swimming around in the cold water for much longer.

The cave was dark but a strange blue light seemed to illuminate it from within, water could be heard dripping from the roof into puddles on the floor. A draught blew through the cave making a slight roaring noise and blowing Rynn's hair over her face.

Rynn pushed aside the hair covering one side of her face and stopped when she heard a strange noise; she as not alone in there, somebody or something was coming towards her. Drawing her sword a pair of red eyes glowing in the darkness appeared on the floor.
"Spiders" She said to herself with disgust "I hate spiders"
The large poisonous arachnid creatures were no match for Rynn's new weapon, she cut through them with ease as she made her way through the semidarkness. She eventually came to a large underground lake with a small rocky area on the other side. Something was over there. She had to go and investigate.

Swimming across the lake she could make out that it was another skeleton wearing some armour. Rynn carefully removed the studded leather armoured vest from the corpse and noted the fungus growing on it. Most of all, the smell. It had obviously been there a long time and smelt musty and of dead flesh.
Rynn sighed and thought to herself "I'm going to need this if I need protection, I might find something better later” as she reluctantly put the vest over her tunic.

"The cave must have another exit,” she said to herself, her voice echoing in the large underground cavern. She dived into the water and made her way up the tunnel at one side of the lake until she came to a cellar filled with beer barrels that looked almost new. Lit torches were set into the walls indicating that somebody had been here recently.
"Strange, I wonder who this belongs to?" She asked herself as she looked around, pocketing any health potions she came across.

Noticing a gate at the other side of the room, she went over and peered through. Inside was another cellar filled with beer barrels and a couple of Orcs, one completely drunk and sloshing his beer over the place as he staggered around. Opening the gate she ran the orcs through and killed the spiders that came running towards her. On her left was a key on a table. "This must be the cellar under the tavern!" she thought to herself as she examined the key. The name 'Atimar' was engraved into the metalwork of the steel key.
"Yes! I've found Atimar's key, looks like your little plan has come to a sudden end" she said to the corpse of the Orc lying in a pool of his own blood on the floor.
She turned away with a smile on her face and walked up the stone steps into the tavern.

Rynn came out just behind the bar. The village tavern, named The Red Dragon Inn, like she expected was deserted and smashed glasses and crockery lay strewn on the floor, just like in her home. The once lively place was only yesterday full of the villagers eating, drinking ale and telling each other stories in the dimly lit but cosy room. The fire, surprisingly still burning looked inviting to any weary traveller and Rynn sat down in front of it to dry her clothes. The red oil lamps fastened to the walls were almost out but they provided enough light for the woman to see what she was doing as she got up again to spread her clothes out in front of the hearth. She wrapped a blanket around herself and sat on a bench looking into the flames.

After a short while, Rynn decided it was time to leave as she felt most of the danger should have passed and her brother would be getting further and further away. She sighed and glanced around the tavern she had visited so many times. Everything seemed so unreal; like a bad dream. Strangely, she realised that this would be the last time she would ever visit it again; no matter the outcome of Delon’s fate, she felt that they could not return, instead seek refuge in nearby towns and villages. She got to her feet noting the painting of Heron and Arokh defeating Navaros ruined and obscenities in Orcish written across it in blood. She ventured upstairs to the rooms once occupied by travellers and traders wishing to stay the night wondering if they had left anything. Luckily they had; an invisibility potion and potion of life was found in one of the chests. Nobody had stopped to collect their belongings in the attack.
Rynn made her way downstairs and took one last look around the main room of the Tavern and went out of the front door.

The road outside led up to the temple, sat atop a hill near a rocky outcrop by the sea overlooking the village. Rynn, instead, turned and headed back towards Atimar and towards his home which lay on farm lands a short distance from the village at the other side of the river. Rynn came to a fork in the path that she knew led up to a few caves populated by scavengers; a real problem for the people of the village. With confidence in her new found weapon, she ventured forwards hoping to find anything left by unfortunate victims of the scavengers; she would need everything she could find. Rynn had never ventured more than 20 miles or so from her village and most of Drakan was unknown to her. Anything could be out there... she had heard the fokelore of passing travellers.

A hissing sound came from behind one of the rocks and a disgusting pink coloured creature emerged with razor sharp claws caked in dried blood. Its jaws were dripping with blood and saliva and its small beady eye observed Rynn with suspicion. She readied her sword just as the creature charged - straight into her outstretched sword. The scavenger roared and rolled over onto its back, legs kicking in the air then it fell silent.
Rynn cautiously walked up to it and calmly cut off the head just in case it was playing dead; a trick often played by these disgusting but intelligent creatures. She was taking no chances.

Entering the creature's lair was, as expected human remains complete with supplies and a rusty scale mail. Rynn removed the foul smelling leather armour she was wearing and replaced it with the scale mail. It was well worn and probably wouldn't last long but she felt confident she would find more soon.
Rynn quickly left before any more of the scavengers turned up, they were known to ambush unwary humans and wartocks.

Returning to the path, Rynn continued towards Atimar's house reaching it around half an hour later and was relieved to find it still standing. She had met some resistance on the way and encountered a Wartock killing a villager but unfortunately Rynn was unable to save him in time. The village was almost silent, only the sounds of the dying drifted through the air accompanied by the odd Wartock bellow. Walking up to the sturdy wooden door, she could see that something had been trying to make a forced entry but was unsuccessful. Smiling to herself, she reached into her pocket and pulled out the key taken from the Orc earlier knowing that she had got the upper hand of those dim-witted creatures.

The door opened on its rusting hinges with a loud creaking noise revealing a dark sparsely furnished room, the layout identical to her own home. She reached up and lit the torch on the wall which cast long flickering shadows across a large bookcase on the far wall by the side of the fire.
"Hmm, which book is it?" Rynn mumbled as she read the titles of the books written into their spines. Some were in a language so old she couldn't understand it; these books were in pristine condition despite their age. One of the old books caught her eye, a green book looking well used and with images of dragons on the spine. Rynn pulled it from the bookcase revealing the Order's insignia on the front cover. It had to be it. She shrugged and put the book into her backpack and carefully placed Atimar's blade onto the nearby table as a sign of respect. She would not need it again and it would be relatively safe there. She took one last look around the house which she had visited many times before and headed back towards the tavern crossing another stone bridge which led to a forked path. To the left lay the main trade route into the village, which cut under the mountains by the riverside. She would need to go that way later but for now, she headed right, towards the temple.

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