Anwynn by Steamteck


Review machine: AMD K6-2/450, 196Meg RAM, Voodoo2 SLI @ 1024,768 Download (UK) (Russia)
Brief description:

Large level with lots of open plains and cave systems to explore plus a non-linear design.

Main review

Anwynn is similar to Steamteckís previous level, Valley of Storn; it features large open areas and a few cave systems to explore. As I said above, the level seems to have a non-linear design where you can basically fly anywhere in the level rather than having to follow a strict path. This approach makes you explore every part of the map, which is worth it, as you need to collect various items that will help you defeat the boss.

The level is backed by a plot whereby the death mage, Arawn, has taken over the land of Anwynn and captured the seaport which is now overrun with Orcs. The local wizard has sought Rynn and Arokhís help to defeat Arawn and return the land back to human control.

You start the game in the wizardís house, which is in the far corner of the map, Arokh waits outside but unfortunately, he roasts the wizardís son who is chopping wood for the fire. I also noticed that he kills the yaks that follow you. This isnít a big problem but it seemed silly that Arokh kills the people who he and Rynn are helping!

This is also where you notice the levelís main bug, which is fairly serious, and Iím sure it could be fixed easily Ė the sky is black but the fog is white, it looked really weird. This became even more apparent when you went underwater; when you play the level you will see what I mean.

Putting the bugs aside (these are the only two I noticed BTW), the level is well thought out and features cool additions such as the underwater ruins in the marsh and realistic locations of villages and collectable items as in ĎValley of Storní. You even get to save the human prisoners who are awaiting execution! One thing worth mentioning, if you lead them outside, Arokh will kill them so just set them free.

Level architecture is good, with large open plains with a farmhouse or two dotted around and rolling hills and valleys to fly around in. Itís always worth exploring these open areas because you will find something that will help you on your way but be vigilant! Towns and villages are placed in likely places rather than stuck in the middle of nowhere. They are also laid out like a typical medieval village with the general amenities you would find there.

New weapons and modified enemies make an appearance and only certain weapons will kill certain enemies, so donít throw anything away that seems more than your average run of the mill weapon. The guardian skeletal dragon was brilliant, he was difficult to killÖ

One thing I also noticed is that the level doesnít have an ending and the bosses are spread out. At one point I thought I had completed the game but when I flew around a bit more, I found that there was a lot more to the level. Tip: find the seaport.

Overall, this level is well worth a download Ė it will keep you entertained for a couple of hours or more and the things mentioned above will keep you engrossed and not wanting to switch off your PC until you have finished it.

Update: 10/05/00 The level has been resubmitted and the white fog bug has been fixed so download the latest version from 

Rating; Architecture / landscape: 7.5  Texturing: 6.5  Item / enemy placement:  

Atmosphere: 9  Coolness / new ideas / enhancements: bugs: few non serious

Total: 74%